Every year, the winner of the #Challengers will be invited as a #Master in the next edition of #tatasteelchess Watch the interview of this year's winner Gawain Jones: [ Ow.ly Link ]

Gawain Jones: from Challenger to Master - Tata Steel Chess 2017

Gawain Jones performance in the 2017 Tata Steel Chess 2017 was rather impressive, especially considering the stiff competition with player such as...

On 21/22 January 2017 #TataSteelChess dedicated an entire weekend to the kids!✨ From learning how to play chess with workshops from Chessity, vlogging workshops, to a crafts corner! Take a look at what went down at our first ever #KidsWeekend!
Thank you all for yet another amazing tournament at #TataSteelChess And of course a big thank you to the team who made this all possible! #GOTEAM !
Perfect ending to a perfect night ❤ #tatasteelchess #isit2018yet?
Official closing ceremony has started, of course with the traditional #erwtensoep #tatasteelchess
What an amazing finish by Gawain Jones Settling for a draw which qualifies him for next year’s #tatasteelchess #Masters Congratulations!
Celebrating Wesley So's victory in Wijk aan Zee with the Mayor of #Beverwijk and choir group. Congratulations Wesley!! This moment is yours #TataSteelChess
Take a look at some of the highlights of the final round of #TataSteelChess 2017!
Congratulations to Wesley So, winner of the 79th #TataSteelChess Tournament "I've achieved one of my goals which is to win this very prestigious tournament" - Wesley So
#AnatolyKarpov live in the commentary room with #YasserSeirawan! Watch it live [ Ow.ly Link ] #tatasteelchess
We've seen it before, we'll see it again... will the result be the same? Magnus Carlsen - Sergey Karjakin #tatasteelchess
Watch the final round of #TataSteelChess Tune in to our live commentary with #YasserSeirawan [ Ow.ly Link ]
Last Round of #TataSteelChess today ! Here are the current standings... Who will we crown our winner today?