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The kitchen sink is tough to clean, but now with a simple mix of vinegar, rock salt, lemon juice, baking soda and liquid dish soap getting it shiny will become super easy.
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A cup of coffee feels a lot better in the company of a great view cocooned in a terrace garden. At Tata Value Homes, we invite you to experience a smart home at the smarter Noida, an address where ‘The Smart’ feels at home.
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If you thought that the only way to sell your property was through an agent, we now present you with an alternative.
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The world is coming to Noida! Destination 150 is all set to become the destination of opportunities.
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Infosys to get nod for Rs 5,000 crore hub in Noida - ET RealEstate

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Here's an impromptu conversation with one of our guests having a #WonderfulWeekend at Primos. Mr. Rana shares his views on the pleasant location of Talegaon and Tata Value Homes' commitment to give quality homes to its customers
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A candid chat with one of our attendees at the event yesterday. Manish says, Primos is a short drive from Pune, and would love to drive down twice a month to spend his weekends here. #WonderfulWeekends
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And that's a wrap to the #WonderfulWeekends at #Primos
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A hilarious weekend with the sun coming down
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Sorabh Pant says #Primos means first. So is your first weekend homes Primos? #WonderfulWeekends
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And the laugher riot begins
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The stage is set for the evening. Come join us in the company of Sorabh Pant, with some wine and cheese at Primos, Talegaon. #WonderfulWeekends
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Your weekend is all set to become fabulous. Hold on to your patience a little longer. #WonderfulWeekends
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Don’t miss your chance to be a part of the funny man's court at Primos. Register to avail exclusive invite: [ Bit.ly Link ] #WonderfulWeekends
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Cheer your weekends with some laughter dose as you rejuvenate from a busy working week. Find your escape to laughter here : [ Bit.ly Link ] #WonderfulWeekends
You know you are at the right place to make weekends fun when you can enjoy all your favorite activities under 1 roof! Check in at Primos to add life to your weekend: [ Bit.ly Link ] #WonderfulWeekends
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Nothing beats the beauty of nature as you watch the weekend sunset casting its spell in full glory.

Indulge in the essence of a scenic landscape here [ Bit.ly Link ] #WonderfulWeekends
As you make plans to unwind yourself during the weekend, make sure laughter takes priority above all. Here’s where you’ll find some rib tickling humor coming your way:

[ Bit.ly Link ] #WonderfulWeekends