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There are so many fascinating characters and mesmerizing events in this issue of #Tattoo that it’s hard to know where to start, but here goes. Let’s start with the first episode of Hanky Panky and Eric Perfect’s Tattoo Tour, then move on to check out Gemini Syndrome’s latest tats & tunes, Virginia’s Richmond Tattoo Arts Festival, the International Prague Convention, and take a look at Damion...
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Check out the artist @nickmayes on Instagram.
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Via @devildogtattoo on Instagram. Go check them out!
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By @evakrbdk on Instagram. The artist is based in Istanbul.
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A few famous faces in these #FeatureFriday tats! Andrea Vincent shared her ink, featuring Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters & Nirvana) and Travis Barker (blink-182).
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From the comments! This was shared by Adam Ray. The artist is @Tattoos by Maksims Zotovs based in Riga, Latvia.

CC: Laky Tattoo's
Good times last spring in Bohemia. It's a beautiful city with hundreds of bell towers and art all over the place, so naturally tattooers, artists, collectors, and Tattoo Magazine show up to take in Prague's International Tattoo Convention.
Don't forget to share your pics with us! We've got some awesome ink to share with you this week.
Another #FeatureFriday from the comments! This one was shared by Andria Maire. Artist is Tattoos By Loaf, @tattoosbyloaf on Instagram.
Happy Monday, who's ready to start the week or would you rather be getting your next tat right about now?
We love the tenacity.. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!
Love watching an artist at work!
Planning new ink in the new year? Tell us about it!
We've seen some badass art in the comments lately, so we're thinking we should start highlighting YOU. Leave a pic of your tats (new, old, or in progress) in the comments of any of our posts, and we'll share the most "liked" pics on Fridays! Got any other suggestions for what you'd like to see here? Let's hear it! #tattoos #tattooartist

EDIT: Please try to include your artists' names and...
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As the new year is fast approaching, what is your tattoo goal in 2017?
Coolest Santa Ever!! Happy Holidays from Tattoo Magazine!!
Happy Holidays!
Via @stevesavart on #instagram.
Check out the artist: Steve Savard Tatoueur -Steve Sav'art-
Anybody know the models or the artist? Let us know and we'll tag 'em!

Photo by R. d'Water Photography.