Taylor Henderson
02/22/2017 at 10:24. Facebook
Surprised this little guy at his party and now we're best friends ✌
Flash back to this amazing night up at the Gold Coast
Well at least one of us was having a good time
My old man named me after James Taylor, and then last night we sat down and watched him together
A perfect selfie, until I ruined it.
I taught Federer everything he knows
Nothing better than being at the Aus open in 38 degree heat
Just when we thought we couldn't look any cooler...
I finally taught gem how to ride a skateboard today, so we celebrated by taking a photo in a parking lot?
My mum came all the way to watch me perform at Rod Laver Arena today, so as any son would do.....I shouted her a plate of oysters.
Thank you for having us @magicmillions and also to the best company I had on either side of me! You all looked stunning
So ashamed in myself with how touristy I get when I come to Queensland ❤
Finallyyyyyyy my first dip for the summer ☀
Dragging my widdle sister to the premiere of the Circus 1903 in Melbourne tonight
Tomorrow ☺
Inverloch Sounds of Summer Festival!
9.45pm! Meet and greet straight after! x
A big ol' cheesy smile and Merry merryyyy Christmas to you ❤