Taylor Jones
02/18/2017 at 20:32. Facebook
Booked flights to go to LA today and I'm super excited
Can u feel it? #feelit

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My 'don't wanna do work right now face' ???? save me?

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Favourite place to go on vacation? #holiday #travel #vacation

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Shit blonde hair but who cares right โœŒ
At the YouTube space in London for MTV UK Hello Management
Never too old for a bear
Check out my artist Emma Heesters performing live on Radio One Lebanon! Killing it! :) SHARE SHARE
Tired & working
France UK
This year is gonna be BIG
First picture as a 23 year old. Happy birthday me

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I may have taken this a few days ago but only I will ever know this muhahahahaha

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Happy boxing day peeeps. #studiotime
Merry Christmas to you all