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We love to see these exchanges! This is a picture from the Alumni Seminar with Enseña Chile Enseña por México (Teach for Mexico) Enseña Perú & Enseñá por Argentina! Learn more about Teach For All's network leaders inside and outside the classroom: [ Teachforall.org Link ]
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The ultimate goal of education is for children to shape a better future for themselves and those around them. We are so proud to work alongside so many leaders around the world dedicated to achieving more for all children! Join us: [ Teachforall.org Link ]

Teach For All: An Introduction

Teach For All
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"Go beyond the pages of textbooks to teach young people about determination, aspiration, resilience and of course compassion." Prince Harry - We couldn't agree more!

Prince Harry praises teacher 'compassion' - BBC News

We love to see this leadership from Teach For Austria alumni who started an organization dedicated to supporting refugees and their families succeed, they are a true inspiration to the network!

From Teach For Austria Fellows to Advocates for Refugee Rights

Today's challenges require outstanding leadership. Teach For All programs are working to find and develop the next generation of leaders. Our European region has 6000 alumni across 17 countries - 3 of them featured in this year's Forbes #30Under30 list! Visit our website: [ Teachforall.org Link ] to learn more about how you can join this global network of leaders focused on creating...
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Forbes Recognizes Teach For All Network Alumni in Europe

The world needs more love stories and these are a few special ones that started in school! We guarantee you'll know at least one of the couples featured, so be sure to check it out!

A three-year secret relationship, two marriages, and other love stories from school

We <3 you! Happy Valentines Day to all of you who give your heart to your work every day!
Do what makes you happy and you'll get better at it! #MondayMotivation via The Global Learning Lab, thank you to all of you participating and Carnegie Corporation of New York for the support. [ Bit.ly Link ]
Just in time to celebrate United Nations Day on Women & Girls in Science, we are excited to share this story of some incredibly awesome girls (and boys!) from Teach For Malaysia, who were selected among Malaysia’s most promising young inventors to showcase their innovations in Silicon Valley!

Teach For Malaysia Students Showcase Ideas in Silicon Valley

We are thrilled to welcome Teach For Nigeria to the global network!

Welcome Teach For Nigeria

Let’s work to foster opportunity, sustainability & peace, rather than fear & hate. We stand with 180+ NGO leaders against the #MuslimBan [ Bit.ly Link ]

An Open Letter from Social Entrepreneurs to President Trump

Hey partners, please share! Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation has partnered with Teach For All to offer a 10-day leadership development experience in Israel tailor-made for Teach For All network partner participants. If you know any outstanding candidates for this incredible experience, please encourage them to visit this site to learn more and apply!
[ Schusterman.org Link ]


This is not an immigrant story. This is not a U.S. story. This is a story of a woman, a fighter, a teacher, a story of immeasurable strength and love. This is a story that inspires our work. Thank you for sharing it Teach For America

On the Border, a DACAmented Science Teacher Fights On

"Let's be a community that inspires and takes action." - "Seamos una comunidad que inspira y actúa."
Beautiful message at Enseña Perú #Ayni2017
Thank you for this beautiful story, Anseye Pou Ayiti, it's an inspiring reminder of how much this work truly makes a difference!

"After a fire destroyed his home, our teacher leader Emmanuel refused to skip a beat in his classroom. One day, one of his 6th grade students approached him in tears, silently handing Emmanuel a folded piece of paper. In it, the student shared some money, stating:...
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"Not refugee children. Not migrant children. Just children."- UNICEF
Yes! All children deserve a quality education and the support and love from the adults around them. Read this beautiful story from Teach For Lebanon (TFL): [ Bit.ly Link ]
Every child has tremendous potential and equal value! We are proud of Teach For Lebanon (TFL) & Teach First Deutschland and all of you making an effort to educate refugee children. Thanks Living Responsibility for your support and sharing our vision.

Instilling hope - why education for refugees is crucial

"Transform the school into a space that is a hub for the community where not just students are learning and growing but being empowered but the entire community is learning and growing and being empowered." Beautiful video featuring Teach For America alum and Elementary School Principal Joe Manko and his community. Watch:

A School that Builds with Community

Let love speak louder than hate - the world's children deserve it.
"There’s no path to ensuring all children fulfill their potential without ensuring that -- regardless of the color of their skin, the place of their birth, their religion, or any other dimension of difference -- they are growing up in a safe, nurturing environment where they feel fully valued and respected." Wendy Kopp
Teach For All co-founder and network leader Brett Wigdortz is stepping down as CEO of Teach First after 15 years making incredible impact for children and young people in the UK. Join us in saying THANK YOU BRETT! And support this great challenge he is taking on before his departure: [ Bit.ly Link ]