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Teach For All
12/02/2016 at 21:20. Facebook
Enseña Ecuador participants Fabián Vaca & Mariela Falconí and their students capture our #FridayFeeling perfectly. ¡Feliz fin de semana!
Teach For All
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“My greatest hope is that the current generation of college graduates will respond to the rising tides of isolationism, prejudice, and economic distress by working to ensure today’s children can experience the support and education that prepares them to shape a more peaceful and sustainable world.” Wendy Kopp's piece on why we need to reimagine education for all children. [ Goo.gl Link ]

Re-imagining Education – Bright

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"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much."
#WednesdayWisdom from Helen Keller & Teach For Lebanon (TFL)
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11/29/2016 at 22:22. Facebook
Hands up for #GivingTuesday! Visit our website to learn more about how you can support our global network and its partner organizations in 40 countries--maybe even your own. Help us develop the collective leadership to ensure ALL children have the opportunity to fulfill their potential! [ Teachforall.org Link ]
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11/28/2016 at 15:42. Facebook
We're excited about the launch of our new Global Learning Lab, an initiative to learn from transformational classrooms & communities around the world. With support from Carnegie Corporation of New York, the Global Learning Lab is currently studying and sharing classroom innovations across our global network and beyond. Learn more: [ Bit.ly Link ]

Teach For All Launches Global Learning Lab

Why be part of a global network? Because learning from the successes and challenges of classrooms, communities, and systems around the world inspires powerful local solutions. Learn more about sharing ideas across borders at Teach For All:
Watch and learn from eight inspiring #TeachForAll partners whose breakthrough innovations have significantly impacted their work in 2016: [ Bit.ly Link ] Teach For India Teach First Teach First Israel - חותם Enseña Uruguay Enseña Chile Заедно в час / Teach for Bulgaria Anseye Pou Ayiti Fundación Empieza por Educar

Network Partners Present Breakthrough Innovations in Bulgaria

In celebrating Universal Children’s Day, please watch and share these inspiring Teach For India students – Alifiya & Sallauddin – who are getting the conversation started around student leadership. They created and host their own show “Little Voices, Big Ideas”. You can visit the Teach For India Facebook page to watch more episodes.
[ Youtube.com Link ]

#ChildrensDay #StudentLeaders

Little Voices, Big Ideas - Episode 1: Student Leadership

Our very own Teach For India talk show, scripted and hosted by our students Alifiya and Sallauddin themselves! Watch the first episode in which they discuss ...

Three of Teach For All's brilliant CEOs, all in one photo! #FridayFeeling Anseye Pou Ayiti Teach For India Teach For Ghana
"What gave me hope and evidence that we're on the right track was the example of our students engaging in and leading this effort alongside us." - Evgenia Peeva-Kirova, CEO, Заедно в час / Teach for Bulgaria
[ Bit.ly Link ]

Reflections on the 2016 Global Conference

Need to feel some hope for the future? Watch our 2016 Global Conference Highlights Video and relive--or experience for the first time--some of the most memorable moments of our three days of Reimagining Education with our global community:
[ Bit.ly Link ]

Highlights From the 2016 Teach For All Global Conference

Gracias a Enseña Chile Enseña Perú Enseña Ecuador y Enseñá por Argentina por la incredible conferencia con Deutsche Post DHL! Fue un momento inolvidadle y un fuerte abrazo a el equipo de Enseñá por Argentina en Cordoba que nos abrio sus puertas #GoTeachForAll

Thanks to Enseña Chile, Enseña Perú, Enseña Ecuador, and Enseña por Argentina for participating in the GoTeach Latin America...
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"Honesty is the thing that helps us in our world."
- Irshad, student, Teach For India
We couldn't have said it better. #FridayFeeling
[ Youtube.com Link ]

Irshad on Honesty

Honesty - why is it important? Hear what this little voice has to say about a value we all share!

Congratulations to Teach For Australia and Enseña por México (Teach for Mexico) winners of the 2016 William Drenttel Award for Excellence in Design! Learn more and see examples of their high-impact recruitment campaigns: [ T.co Link ]

2016 Drenttel Award Winners Announced

Some of the 2016 Global Conference's most inspiring lessons were delivered by students. Here's what they taught us:
[ Bit.ly Link ] Teach For India Teach For Malaysia Teach First Заедно в час / Teach for Bulgaria Enseña por Colombia Teach For America

Learning From Student Leaders at the 2016 Global Conference

Join us today and vote for Enseñá por Argentina CEO Oscar Ghillione in the Abanderados Award, which recognizes Argentinians who have dedicated their work to helping others. Oscar is one of the eight finalists! With your vote, you will help Enseñá por Argentina continue to expand educational opportunity for all children in the country. Click on the link below and vote for Oscar!

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The 2017 Teach For All Global Conference is happening...where? Watch the video to find out! #TeachForAll
Watch our Highlights Video to relive some of your favorite moments from the 2016 Teach For All Global Conference, or experience them for the first time! View more Global Conference videos at [ Vimeo.com Link ] #TeachForAll
Anseye Pou Ayiti CEO Nedgine Paul gives inspiring presentation in our Network Breakthroughs today!
Watch Tomás Vergara from Enseña Chile talk about the network partner's approach in connecting and listening to the needs of students.