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We are so grateful for every single one of our global partners, their fellows, staff and supporters for sharing their learnings so together we can go further and do better for all children. THANK YOU! [ Teachforall.org Link ]
Teach For All
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"Education is the world's passport."
So grateful to have been part of Global Education & Skills Forum this year and sharing the incredible efforts across the network to create a better future for all children.

Teach For All Participates in Global Education and Skills Forum

Leaders inspire leadership in others!
Congratulations Teach For Armenia Founder and CEO Larisa Hovannisian on this TedTalk encouraging leaders to find and share their stories to follow their dreams!

"Want success? Find your story!" | Larisa Hovannisian | TEDxYerevan

"What is the single most fundamental quality of successful leadership? Recent studies suggest that it’s not so much language skills, integrity, or even an MB...

We're with you Peru! #UnaSolaFuerza
Thousands have been affected by recent devastating storms. Thankfully, our Enseña Perú family is safe and we are proud to share that they have partnered with Red Cross Peru to support aid efforts. Please consider making a donation here: [ Ammado.com Link ]
This student leadership example is just what we needed to start the week, congrats Teach For Lebanon (TFL)! Students from all over the country gathered to create art to sell in order to raise funds for school materials for other children and they sold every piece! More pics in our instagram page: [ Instagram.com Link ]
Let's empower students to see the value in each other! This is such a beautiful initiative, we'd like to dedicate it to all of you working to support integration efforts for children who are immigrants, because every child deserves to feel welcome, respected and loved. Teach For Lebanon (TFL) Teach For Austria Teach for Belgium Teach First Deutschland

How Swedish class reacted to migrant visit - BBC News

Real and moving piece by Teach For Bangladesh CEO Maimuna Ahmad. Thank you for sharing this story Maimuna, and reminding us that the key to protecting all children - especially vulnerable ones - is through education and the commitment of passionate leaders in their communities.

To Protect Girls’ Rights, Bangladesh Needs Stronger Leadership in Schools

“Leadership is not a position. Leadership is about the impact you make on others." Ras Atiqah, 2017 Teach For Malaysia Fellow. Beautifully said! [ Teachforall.org Link ]
Hey partners! This is a great opportunity to celebrate and highlight the value of educating women and girls that so many of you do. See more about the UNESCO Prize for Girls’ & Women’s Education, apply and share!

UNESCO Prize for Girls’ and Women’s Education

So great to see Teach For India & Enseña Chile presented their tailored Research & Evaluation strategies and discussed the value of sharing solutions across boarders to accelerate impact at the Comparative and International Education Society Conference (CIES) this year, among many leading authorities in education to discuss the problem of inequality. Read more:

Teach For All Participates in International Conference on Educational Research

Did you know that as a Teach For All network partner alumnus, you may be eligible to apply for graduate school admissions stipends and scholarships? Learn more about our Graduate Parternships!
[ Teachforall.org Link ]
This Teach For India story is going to be the most beautiful thing you read today. So proud to work with so many truly determined leaders across the network!

When the Lion story played out in real life - Times of India

Happy International Women's Day! Today we highlight the impact educators can make to ensure ALL children have the opportunity to learn and fulfill their potential. HUGE THANKS to all of you working towards this vision! Teach for Nepal

Breaking Down Gender Barriers in Rural Nepal

Hey everybody! GEM Report Unesco is launching a youth photo contest with a $500 award for the best photo to support UNESCO week for peace and sustainable development. Youth between the ages of 18-35 are invited to submit photos that capture Goal 4.7 on Education for sustainable development and global citizenship. Check it out, apply and share!

2017 GEM Report Youth Photo contest: Education for sustainable development and global citizenship | Global Education Monitoring Report

Teach For All board member and network friend Fernando M. Reimers invites you to take action and support teachers in their very important work:

An Invitation to Dialogue About Teachers and Teacher Education

"You’re part of the world, and you feel respected and important." Milo, a Year 3 student in School 21, a school run by Oli de Botton, a Teach First Alum who is now part of Teach For All's School Leadership Community of Practice. Thank you Edutopia for featuring this story in your "Schools That Work" series!

Oracy in the Classroom: Strategies for Effective Talk

School 21 develops confident students who can articulate their thoughts and learning with strategies like discussion guidelines, discussion roles, and struct...

An awesome reminder that opportunities for innovation are everywhere and that goodness is very much alive in this world. Happy #WorldBookDay!
Huracan FC London + Teach for Nepal = So much love! We are so happy to see partners all over the world engaging in this effort to bring out the best in our students through sport. Take a quick trip down memory lane with us and see how it all started: [ Teachforall.org Link ]
So grateful to have been part of Teach First's #MakeEducationFair event, along with several Teach For All network Heads of Alumni including Teach for Belgium, Teach First Israel - חותם and Enseña Ecuador. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to learn and grow together!
At the finish line: Quality education! Congrats to all of the runners of Enseña por México (Teach for Mexico)'s First 5-10K Run!