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Teach For All
01/13/2017 at 20:54. Facebook
Quality education for all can't happen without you: You were born to make a difference!
Teach For All
01/12/2017 at 19:50. Facebook
Collaboration is everything!
Congrats Teach First on this great partnership for Girls Education and #STEM! [ Bit.ly Link ]
Teach For All
01/11/2017 at 21:50. Facebook
The magic that happens when we are empowered to empower students and communities across Malaysia -- and the world!
So much love and admiration for Teach For Malaysia's Dzameer Dzulkifli! Watch his TED Talk on building a movement:

Empower to Empower | Dzameer Dzulkifli | TEDxSungaiSegget

Co-Founder & Managing Director, Teach For Malaysia Dzameer Dzulkifli is Managing Director and a Co-Founder of Teach For Malaysia. Armed with his M. Eng. (Hon...

Teach For All
01/10/2017 at 19:10. Facebook
When you educate a child, you educate the world!
You can make a difference with Teach For Lebanon (TFL), here is how you can help: [ Givingloop.org Link ]
Education = Opportunity = Peace. Thank you to The Education Commission youth panelist, Mohamed Khalil Liouane, for sharing this image with us.
Are you looking for a career change to help children reach their full potential? Check out these job openings at Anseye Pou Ayiti, Enseña por Panamá, Enseña Ecuador, Teach For India, Teach for France and more! And feel free to share with friends! :) [ Bit.ly Link ]
WOW! 10 Teach For America alumni on this year's Forbes #30Under30 list in the categories of Education and Social Entrepreneurship! Congratulations to all of you!

Forbes Honors 10 Teach For America Alumni

Unless every school everywhere has quality education - its just not enough. Shout-out to Teach For India's Shaheen Mistri inspiring so many inside and outside the #teachforall network.

Walking the Talk - Pune Mirror -

We share ONE world: Let's make sure an excellent education for every child is a priority shared by ALL.

Teach For All: An Introduction

We wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR, full of peace, tolerance, and compassion!

It has been a wonderful year for us: we grew to 40 network partners, set ourselves a new 25-year vision, and learned a great deal from each other.

We look forward to another year of learning and growing together!

[ Goo.gl Link ]

Teach For All: Happy New Year!

The GoTeach partnership brought together Deutsche Post DHL employees from across Latin America and staff of Teach For All network partners Enseñá por Argentina, Enseña Chile, Enseña Ecuador, and Enseña Perú to exchange ideas, strengthen local and regional relationships, and continue joint efforts to ensure all children in the region can fulfill their potential. Thank you DPDHL Group for your...
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Deutsche Post DHL Group & Teach For All Host Latin America GoTeach Conference

“We are in dire need of a large number of young people who believe in building a culture of peace based on the foundations of spiritual, social, and educational values”

Many congratulations to Teach For Lebanon (TFL)'s CEO Salyne El Samarany for being honored the Arab Creativity Award, in recognition of her contribution to social innovation. [ Goo.gl Link ]
In countries around the world, Teach For All partners share a common approach to ensuring all children can fulfill their potential: recruiting and developing effective teachers who provide quality education and expanded opportunities for students in high-need schools and communities today, and investing in their development as collaborative leaders who will continue to pursue lasting change...
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EnseñaPerú: Many Stories, One Movement

Teach For All's CEO Wendy Kopp and Board member Andreas Schleicher discuss what we can all learn from the 2016 #OECDPISA results, including the value of investing in education and education leadership, and in learning from other countries' successes: [ Cnn.it Link ]

On GPS: Takeaways from PISA education rankings - CNN Video

“To truly create change, we must recruit and support people from communities to take the lead in the fight for educational equity and socioeconomic justice.”

Thrilled to read Teach for Nepal CEO Shisir Khanal’s piece in TIME about why we should support and develop local leaders inside and outside of the classroom to improve education and help alleviate poverty.

[ Goo.gl Link ]

Local Communities Must Take the Lead in Global Change

We're celebrating #HumanRightsDay with a reminder that “Education is a fundamental human right and essential for the exercise of all other human rights.” (UNESCO)

As a corps member, Teach For America alumnus Wisdom Amouzou encouraged his students to “view education not as something that’s done to them, but as a fundamental right that should be done with them.”

Watch this video of Wisdom...
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Wisdom Amouzou 'Education is a means for liberation' (Short version)

"An urgent need exists for structured channels and funding for sharing knowledge and innovation across borders—in other words, for a dynamic network of global organizations that makes it easier for countries to learn from each other."
Wendy Kopp on how we can learn from and make the most of the recent PISA results. [ On.wsj.com Link ]

Copying Singapore’s Math Homework

The latest PISA results continue to highlight the link between socio-economic advantage and performance. This year’s results reveal that disadvantaged students are three times more likely to be low performers than advantaged kids. But the results also show that many less privileged students are resilient. Teach For All's global network and others working to impact educational excellence and...
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Jenny Anderson from Quartz looks at how the Teach For All network is part of a growing global education movement that's giving kids the breadth of skills they need to become 21st-century citizens. We are thrilled to see many #TeachForAll alumni, who are paving the way for change and reimagining education, featured in the piece: Dana Narvaiša (Iespējamā misija), Tomas Despouy (Enseña Chile),...
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A quiet education revolution worldwide is giving kids the skills to be 21st-century citizens

Enseña Ecuador participants Fabián Vaca & Mariela Falconí and their students capture our #FridayFeeling perfectly. ¡Feliz fin de semana!