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Anyone had their first cold coffee for the school year? ☕
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As most teachers in Australia head back this week or next...this is a fantastic blog to give you ways to use the classroom calendar not just as wasted morning routine activity >>> [ Teachstart.co Link ].

15 Activities Using a Classroom Calendar

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This made me giggle! I had my first child start school today...and I was one of 'those' parents, you know the ones you need to politely tell to move along...
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How cool is this classroom door?

How have you decorated your classroom doors >>> add a photo to this post!

(via:[ Pinterest.com Link ]
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Such a cool activity! Create this number hat, then play the 20 questions number game!

For more information on this activity, and other ideas to use a pack of cards in the classroom, head to our blog >>> [ Teachstart.co Link ].
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Meet the Grocks! They're here to explain homophones to your students. Check out our homophones resources >>> [ Teachstart.co Link ].
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Create your own student avatars! Simple and cute, check it out >>> [ Bit.ly Link ].
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We don't just create amazing resources for your classroom. We have other amazing tools that our ultimate members can use!

For more information, check out our blog >>> [ Teachstart.co Link ].

10 Amazing Teaching Tools for the Classroom - Teach Starter Blog

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The joys of working with young children...
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We believe in creating engaging teaching resources that inspire children to learn. By helping teachers deliver the best possible learning experiences to their students, we can achieve this goal.

To say a massive thank-you to our loyal and new Ultimate Plan members, we're giving away free A5 planners. Our Chevron planner is all gone, but it's not too late to claim Chalkboard or Angles.

Not an...
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Do you use QR codes in the classroom? Check out this amazing blog for great app ideas >>> [ Teachstart.co Link ].
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This is a neat idea to suggest to parents on parent information night??

Alternatively, a cool activity to do with the kids to send home to remind them of what they must remember to bring to school each day?
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How will you manage noise levels in your classroom this year?

Love this idea. Using one of our letter sets create the word Noise, as the level of noise is creeping up and getting a little too noisy, remove a letter!

If all letters have been removed, the class has to remain silent until you are happy to give them another chance!

For more great ideas, head to our blog >>> [ Teachstart.co Link ].
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How cool would these be in the classroom?
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This is one of the best BLOGS featuring apps in the classroom.
Not only does it suggest apps, it gives you ways to incorporate each of them into your classroom! Simply brilliant...

Love it >>> [ Teachstart.co Link ]. ❤

11 Engaging Apps to use in the Classroom

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Vibrant or pastel colours?
Walls covered or minimal classroom displays?

How do you like to set up your classroom?

This blog has some nice ideas to create a calming classroom >>>
>>> [ Teachstart.co Link ]
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This gave us a good giggle here at Teach Starter headquarters... ✔
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Some really cool ideas in this blog to get you organised for back to school information nights >>> [ Teachstart.co Link ].

Tips for Planning and Preparing for a Parent Information Night