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If you teach younger children, here's a lovely Youtube channel with videos and songs using finger puppets.

Kahtzo Media

Teaching Ideas
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Try Post-It Note Science as a plenary activity!

Thanks to @MrRoySir and @Nina_OHanlon for sharing this idea - [ Twitter.com Link ]
Teaching Ideas
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Help your children to learn about the area and perimeter of shapes with our bumper resource pack. Includes a variety of classroom teaching, display and activity resources to introduce the topic to your children and then extend their knowledge and skills!

Available from [ Teachingpacks.co.uk Link ]
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Teaching your children about Roman numerals? Make them using lolly sticks! This could also work with tallying.

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Mr Thorne Does Phonics is back with another great spelling and vocabulary resource!

Download his new app from [ Apple.com Link ]
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Take a look at these fantastic reading areas!

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We've just published our new Division Pack and it has been INCREDIBLY popular today! Thanks to everyone who has downloaded it ➗➗

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Have you seen 'Soar' yet? Such a wonderful video and it's the most popular one on our site! ❤

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❤ this Fraction of the Day activity!

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Here's a nice idea from Mr Mc...
Teach your children about report writing with our five-star pack!

[ Teachr.co Link ]
Here's an interesting class display board.

Could you create your own version and ask children to find the objects that begin with a certain letter... or think of ways of sorting / grouping the items... or count the objects that are a particular shape?

Do you have any other ideas?

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An incredibly sad post from an inspirational teacher, whose work we have shared here a number of times
Wow! How many different concepts would this cover?

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"I especially love the puzzling pictures and the inference ideas - gets them to realise that comprehension is an every day activity and they are doing it all the time." Thanks Amy!

Available from [ Teachingpacks.co.uk Link ]
We've just finished updating our event calendar for 2017!

Use it to plan your topics and activities for the next twelve months --> [ Teachingideas.co.uk Link ]
Here's a lovely way of sharing your children's hopes, dreams and goals for the new year!

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Which Christmas advert is your favourite?

Explore our favourites and see related teaching ideas at [ Teachingideas.co.uk Link ]
Here's a nice collaborative Christmas activity. Ask each child to decorate a triangle and then put them all together to make a tree!

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These are cute

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