Teaching Ideas
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I made some 'Author Jigsaws' this afternoon. If you would like a copy, sign up to our FREE Teaching Packs email newsletter and I will send them to you on Sunday

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Teaching Ideas
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Will this tiny robot reach his goal?

We have suggested teaching ideas for this fun animation at [ Teachingideas.co.uk Link ]
Teaching Ideas
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Google Expeditions are touring schools all over the UK with their new educational virtual reality experience; and it is completely FREE! To find out more, visit their website [ Google.com Link ]

You can sign up your school at goo.gl/xAsPoz

Google Expeditions for the UK: Take your students around the world in VR

Imagine taking your class to the surface of Mars or touring Buckingham Palace without ever leaving the classroom. Google Expeditions brings lessons to life w...

Teaching Ideas
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We have started work on a new pack of Early Years resources.

What would you like us to add to this pack?

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Third Space Learning have a set of 20 Maths investigations / problems that you can download.

Year 5 & Year 6 Topical Maths Problems | Free Resource

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Have you seen the BBC's Youtube channel for teachers?

They have hundreds of video clips, covering a wide range of subjects and topics.

BBC Teach

Street Child are looking for teachers who can help to change the lives of children in Sierra Leone or Liberia. Are you interested?

Find out more at [ Street-child.co.uk Link ]

International Teacher Training Programme

Try Spiderman Counting!

Our little boy would love this one

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Here's a lovely money game from Topmarks (with British, American and Australian currency versions)...

Toy Shop Money Game (GBP) - 4 to 11 year olds - Topmarks

Looking for some last minute resources for Safer Internet Day? Download our handy resource pack!

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Here is a useful list of free online phonics games that your children can explore...

10 Best Free Online Phonics Games

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If you're preparing for Safer Internet Day on Tuesday 7th Feb, we have lots of useful resources for you.

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Have you ever tried a 'Mystery Book' activity?

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Have you seen our Negative Numbers Pack yet?

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Make some 'All About Me' paper chains when you're getting to know a new class

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Challenge your children to free the superheroes!

Could you adapt this activity for other subjects / topics?

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