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On Monday we were visited by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) and received a rather large cheque!

The IMechE grant is an initiative that rewards UK Formula Student teams for innovation. We're extremely grateful and honoured that our application was selected for the top prize for a fourth successive year. It's this kind of support that gives our students the opportunity to...
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Team Bath Racing
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It's late afternoon, the days are getting really busy, but we still have time for TBR Tuesdays!!!

Enter Powertrain Manager, Pranav!

Name: Pranav Vaswani

Nickname: Prav

Role in the Team: Powertrain Manager

One word to describe TBR: Exceptional

Favorite FS team: KA-RaceIng

Why he joined TBR: "I'm fascinated by engines!"

Since Pranav doesn't have lectures to fall asleep in anymore, he...
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Team Bath Racing
03/20/2017 at 13:47. Facebook
Thank you Moog Industrial in the UK, specialists in race winning motion control for motorsport, for sponsoring Team Bath Racing by supplying the team with proportional cartridge DDVs and actuators for our new car TBR17!

Team Bath Racing
03/19/2017 at 15:41. Facebook
This weekend we presented a stand at Bath Taps into Science. It was fantastic to see more than 1600 school students at the School Fair on Friday and so many residents coming along to the family event on Saturday, getting the whole local community excited about STEM subjects. We met some great young minds over the two days - the future looks bright for Bath!

#Inspire #Racecar #FormulaStudent...
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It's Tuesday 14th of March 2017. This is TBR Tuesdays!

Today, meet Marios. He's Cypriot and very chill, hence his role in the team!

Name: Marios Mouzouras

Nickname: Mouzis

Role in the Team: Cooling System

One word to describe TBR: Fun

Favourite FS Team: TUfast Racing Team

Why he joined TBR: "We build a racecar with our friends, man!"

Let's hope those radiators work then,...
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We've made some home improvements this year in order to make more efficient use of the space in our Buildroom. We've installed a new Mezzanine with additional storage on the upper lever and a new super clean composites room downstairs!
Testing is vital to validate our simulation models, so while some of us are making parts to go on the car, others are busy making vortices in a wind tunnel!

[ Link ]
As a celebration of International Women's Day, the whole team wishes to celebrate all our female members past, present and future. Some of our female alumni are currently in their dream jobs at McLaren Racing, Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport and other top motorsport teams.

Here's a video showing just how important, bright and talented our female engineers are!

[ Link ]

This is Engineering

As a team we are incredibly passionate about engineering and we love sharing this excitement with everyone else. We hope that our latest video will help insp...

It's Tuesday 7th of March, and the build is ticking along nicely. Today, another TBR Tuesdays!

Meet Boon!

Name: Boon Sheng Lang

Nickname: It's me, Boon

Role in the Team: Intake system

One Word to describe TBR: Challenging

Favorite FS Team: Rennteam Uni Stuttgart e.V.

Why Boon joined TBR: It's an amazing opportunity to develop engineering skills by building a race car!

Boon is looking...
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Last week we attended the BP Celebration event to thank our title sponsor of 10 years for all their continued contribution, not only to us, but also to great causes across the University.

Some of the BP representatives made a start on judging some of the entries in our Livery Competition!

Thank you, BP– we couldn’t do this without your support!
Last week we attended Headington Girls' School as part of our STEM outreach program to promote careers in engineering and technology to the next generation. We organised a number of workshops to introduce the students to some basic engineering principles.

We had an amazing time and will make sure to come back once TBR17 is built!

We'd like to thank the staff at Headington that made the...
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Busy in the workshop for the weekend. We're making something special...

#carbon #layup #racecar #aero #FSUK #FSG #FSCzech #TeamBathRacing
Our build is going full swing these days, which is why we're getting so many products in!

Check these beauties out. Absolutely top shelf stuff from Scorpion Tooling UK Limited. They are specialists in making machine tooling, and these shiny new ones will be put to use very shortly for one of the biggest undertakings in the history of the team...

Thank you so much Scorpion Tooling UK...
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Shoutout to Demon Tweeks for their support for this season!! Their shop is a must for any gear a motorsport team can wish for. Check them out if you're after some kit!
TBR TOOSDAYS!!!! Good atmosphere in the workshop today, despite taking turns cleaning the "Dirty Room"...

To celebrate the second day of the week, meet the man who refers to Bolognese as "ragù"...

Name: James Wilson

Nickname: Wilson

Role: Sidepod Design

One word to describe TBR: Professional

Favorite FS team: KA-RaceIng

#Racecar #formulastudent #Bath #UniofBath #TeamBathRacing #FSUK...
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Our Livery Competition is underway! Send us your design for a chance to be selected as this year's winner and see your design race across Europe. Keep an eye out for the #formula1 unveilings and use them as inspiration!
Let's build a racecar!!
#formulastudent #FSAE #UniofBath #TeamBathRacing #design #FSUK #FSczech #racecar #motorsport
Alongside our annual Livery Competition, you have another absolutely brilliant event to be excited about!! It's TBR TUESDAYS!!!!!! YASSS!

This week, George.

Name: George Baldwin

Nickname: Jorge

Role: Vehicle Dynamics Manager

One word to describe TBR: Bumpy

Favourite FS Team: Rennteam Uni Stuttgart e.V.

George is 6'6", and as well as managing vehicle dynamics, he wants to be our driver....
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Now this may just be the most beautiful and hi-tech bit of our car for this season. It's a carbon fibre hydraulic accumulator, courtesy of Steelhead Composites. Steelhead are the first company of their kind to commercialise lightweight hydraulic components with the advantages of composite materials. Their products offer huge weight-saving potential for a vast range of applications so make sure...
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When you want to build a racing car, you gotta make sure to use the right superglue... Huge thanks to Loctite® for providing us with the best adhesives and composite process materials there are!!
As the build ticks along after a long weekend of laying carbon, TBR TUESDAYS IS BACK!!!

This week, the Polish bloke who likes computers and hydraulics...

Name: Jack Lesniewski

Nickname: Jašek

Role: Hydraulics/Everything

One word to describe TBR: życie

Favourite FS Team: Global Formula Racing

Favourite Move Quote: "Jašek no watch movie. Movie watch Jašek."
(Jašek- 2017)

Jack has 6...
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