Today is International Epilepsy Day!
Today is a day for people with epilepsy to share their experiences with the world by sharing photos, stories and words of wisdom on social media by using the hashtag #epilepsyday.
Click the photo below to find out how you can be involved and spread awareness!

International Epilepsy Day
A recent study was conducted to better understand the relationship between seizure location and depression in children who have epilepsy. Researchers looked at a group of 132 children with generalized or partial epilepsy, between 6 and 18 years old.

Researchers measured the levels of the children's depression and anxiety through a tool called the Quality Of Life in Childhood Epilepsy scale...
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The relationship of seizure focus with depression, anxiety, and health-related quality of life in children and adolescents with epilepsy
FROM OUR MAILBOX: Congratulations!

EIGHT YEARS!!! Eight years ago today I had the last of two surgeries that would change my life forever either for better or worse. Well, it was changed for the better!
No more weekly/biweekly seizures, one medication instead of three, I have had a valid license for 7.5 years, annual visits with my neurologist instead of every few months, and I have been...
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Hump Day Words of Encouragement From A Team Epilepsy Community Member <3

"I have epilepsy, and it has not destroyed my life.
I live my life to the fullest every single day. Do not let this "disease" get you down, do not allow it to overrun your life.
YOU are strong, you CAN make it through.
While it seems that things cannot go right, or that things can get a bit overwhelming, your...
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From Our Mailbox: (Pregnancy, Lack of Sleep & Seizures)

Hello! I have a question for Mom's with Epilepsy.
I plan on having children in the future, but I'm kind of worried about the amount of sleep you lose with an infant. I have Juvenile Myoclonic epilepsy, and lack of sleep is my biggest trigger.

Night nannies are insanely expensive I'm just worried that I would start having seizures...
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Question for the Community from our Mailbox.

I have epilepsy, and have recently been diagnosed with sleep paralysis. My doctor says that it is common for people to have it if they have epilepsy.
Do you have sleep paralysis? If so what do you do for it? Any help?
Work recently published in the journal Molecular Psychiatry, indicated that low levels of a protein called ANK3 (associated with bipolar disorder also triggers epileptic seizures in mice.

Read the article below to learn more.

Epilepsy in Mice Triggered by Low Levels of Protein in Bipolar Disorder
FROM OUR MAILBOX: (Seizure Monitor - Suggestions Please)

Hello Epilepsy Team, My 19 year old son has epilepsy, and had a seizure a couple of nights ago, which made him fall out of bed and cut his forehead.

My husband and I were sleeping and had no idea that he had a seizure until the next morning. We check on him a lot, but because of his most recent seizure we have started looking into...
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FROM OUR MAILBOX: Congratulations on being 14 months seizure free!

"Hi! I'm 14 months seizure free, and I just had a baby (with medication from 28 weeks into my pregnancy) "
FROM OUR MAILBOX - Congratulations!
"After a lot of hard work from myself and my physicians, I'm 5 years seizure free!"
Happy New Year from all of us here at Team Epilepsy!
What are your New Year's Resolutions for this year?

"Your success and happiness lies in you. Resolve to keep happy, and your joy and you shall form an invincible host against difficulties."
- Helen Keller
From Our Mailbox:

I am a 37 year old working professional with a VNS implant. I have been discussing with my neurologist about increasing the power of my VNS (apparently it is currently below therapeutic range).

Being that I am in a high profile profession and do a lot of public speaking, I have been extremely self conscious about the effect it has on my voice. I can however...
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Results from a recent study presented at the American Epilepsy Society’s annual meeting, identify factors (like lack of social support) which contribute to the development of anxiety and depression one year after being diagnosed with epilepsy.

Factors Contributing to Anxiety and Depression One Year After Being Diagnosed with Epilepsy | Epilepsy Research UK
May this holiday season be filled with peace, love, joy and many blessings.

Joyful holiday wishes to you from all of us!
Question From our Mailbox:

Hey Epilepsy Team,
I'm looking for anyone who understands non-epileptic seizures. My 16 year son has been seizure free for 18 months. He used to have partial complex seizures. However, this past weekend I woke to him have what I thought was a grand mal seizure. After a two night stay on EEG video, they are saying his EEG is normal and that the seizures are stress...
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From Our Mailbox :) Congratulations!
Do you know what to do when someone is having seizure?

Check out this short video created by a community member, and please share this message with your friends to help spread awareness.

Seizure First Aid

Seizure First Aid Procedures Created By The Epilepsy Network (TEN) & Tiffany Kairos Facebook: Twitter: @TENofficial Music By:...