Team John Bolton
01/20/2017 at 20:00. Facebook
Under President Trump, the United States will make clear our objectives and stand firm with our allies. I look forward to helping this administration achieve their international goals that put America first.
Team John Bolton
01/20/2017 at 13:29. Facebook
I would like to congratulate President Trump and Vice President Pence as they embark on the important role of leading the 45th administration of the United States.
Team John Bolton
01/18/2017 at 18:20. Facebook
It is unconscionable for President Obama to award the convicted traitor, Bradley Manning, with freedom.

If you agree, I urge you to join me in expressing your outrage by signing the petition.

Add Your Name: Bradley Manning does not deserve leniency.
Team John Bolton
01/18/2017 at 15:16. Facebook
Bradley Manning's commuted sentence shows the contempt President Obama has for national security, the criminal justice system, and the military.

Manning is a convicted traitor who should have been prosecuted with the death penalty in mind. Do you agree? Comment below.
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01/16/2017 at 15:59. Facebook
We do not have to accept the ayatollahs as the legitimate voice of everyone in Iran because they are not. They are the true illegitimate regime.

Do you agree with the bipartisan group of legislators calling for a new Iran policy under Donald J. Trump's administration?
Like if you agree: There is a legitimate concern with the politicization of intelligence that we've seen under the Obama Administration.
Like if you agree: Confirmations ought to be purely a question of competence but the process has gone beyond that. They are attacking Jeff Sessions for being Donald J. Trump's nominee.
Donald J. Trump's victory has confronted President Obama with the unpleasant reality that both his plans for the transition period and his entire legacy were suddenly in jeopardy.

How do you think Obama is handling the transition?

Obama's not-so-smooth transition
Like to agree: The Russians have walked all over the Obama Administration for eight years.
President Obama is expected to transfer four Guantanamo Bay detainees to Saudi Arabia. It verges on the criminal to let some of these terrorists go.

What do you think?
President Obama's refusal to veto a U.N. resolution condemning Israel was more than a graceless parting gesture. It was a shocking insult to one of our closest allies that embarrassed America in front of the world.

If you agree, add your name to send a loud message to Israel that while Barack Obama has betrayed them, the American people have not.

Sign the Petition: America Stands with Israel
President Obama's worldview of foreign policy is an approach that very much limits the assertion of American interests and constantly ties us down in ways that others take advantage of.

Do you agree? Comment below.

Russia relations could improve - depends on Putin
Last Friday, on the eve of Hanukkah and Christmas, Barack Obama stabbed Israel in the front. The departing president refused to veto United Nations Security Council Resolution 2334—a measure ostensibly about Israeli settlement policy, but clearly intended to tip the peace process toward the Palestinians. Its adoption wasn’t pretty. But, sadly, it was predictable.

Obama's Parting Betrayal of Israel - John Bolton PAC |
It’s at least a question to be asked, whether or not this was a false flag operation with some foreign government other than Russia.

What do you think? Comment below.

John Bolton on allegations that Russian hacking helped Trump
See my Fox News appearance on the death of Fidel Castro. I think our policy now should be to look to find ways to have this regime collapse under its own weight.

Cuba after Fidel Castro - John Bolton PAC |
“The battle, sir, is not to the strong alone; it is to the vigilant, the active, the brave.” —Patrick Henry

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If voters elect Hillary Clinton, it's a third Obama term. It would be a catastrophe for the country.

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@HIllary Clinton refused to obey laws to safeguard national security information, so how can we trust her as President?

Do you trust Hillary Clinton?
There's this myth out there that somehow Hillary Clinton will be tougher than Obama on national security. I think that's unquestionably not the case.

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The Clinton Foundation has been a source of corruption since the outset.

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