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Getting an early start at CPAC chatting with WMAL.
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Another great interview with Breitbart #cpac
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Tune in tomorrow at 2:20 pm when I’ll be speaking at CPAC. If you missed last year’s speech, watch it now!
North Korea openly defied international sanctions with recent ballistic missile tests. The rogue state is a rising threat and the long-term solution has to be the merger of the two Koreas- the end of North Korea.

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The leaks at the White House are a serious problem. I think they come from dissident elements within the bureaucracy.

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The Trump administration's policy toward Russia is still under construction, but President Donald J. Trump's reported disdain for Barack Obama's arms deal is an encouraging sign.

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Trump’s New Start With Russia May Prove Better Than Obama’s
To listen to some of Donald J. Trump's critics you might conclude the West was facing another existential threat.

Are these poor dears correct that life as we know it is under threat, or are their hysterical reactions more reflective of their own fears, inadequacies, and, most importantly, their Leftist ideologies?

Donald Trump has done very little to justify the hysterical rage which has consumed his critics
Over the weekend North Korea defied existing sanctions by launching another ballistic missile test.

I'm not sure there's anything that's going to contain [North Korea's] regime until it achieves its objective of getting a ballistic missile that can carry a nuclear warhead worldwide.
The immigration system, legal and illegal, is a mess. The system needs a thorough top to bottom review.

What do you think the Trump/Pence Administration should do to fix our country's #immigration system?
Iran has demonstrated that it has no intention of abiding by the nuclear deal, and the United States should revoke it immediately.

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Iran’s continued missile testing on Saturday has given President Donald J. Trump one more reason to tear up his predecessor’s deal with the regime in Tehran.

The Iran Deal Can’t Be Enforced
Enforcing the #Iran nuclear deal is an impossible task. It's like trying to nail Jell-O to a wall.
The #Iran nuclear deal is a sham and the sooner we get rid of it the better.

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Democrats are united in their commitment to universally oppose, disrupt, and delay the President Donald J. Trump's agenda. This is unacceptable.

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The President ought to be able to start on January 20th with as much of his team in place as possible. The Senate needs to get a new idea of what its role is in the confirmation process for executive branch employees.
The whole point of the executive order is to allow the government to get some better idea about the information it needs and put better practices in place.

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When you have countries that are the source of terrorism you should look carefully at people who want to come into the United States from there. It’s not a religious test, it’s a terrorism test.

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The refugee ban controversy
Prime Minister Theresa May and President Donald J. Trump made it clear in their public remarks that they intend to rejuvenate the “special relationship,” in both economic and political affairs.

The return of the 'special relationship' between the US and UK
What President Trump is saying is that we’re not against #immigration to this country, we’re against illegal immigration.

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Mexican border threatens our national security