The Mobile TRaining Center is putting the pedal to the metal to San Antonio. Lone Star State volunteers are getting ready to knock out a weekend’s worth of disaster response training and a social to boot.
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It’s the last day to apply to join the ranks of our heavy equipment instructors program. Giddy up.

Expanding Our Heavy Equipment Training Program
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The cast of SIX have our back so let’s do them a solid and tune in to HISTORY's new drama inspired by U.S. Special Operations missions. Premiering tonight 10/9c.

Watch Team Rubicon PSA Clip - SIX | HISTORY
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"My idea of who I am has been turned on its head, and what I’ve learned from my experiences with Team Rubicon is to adapt under fire knowing there is a TRibe of Greyshirts who all have the same goal in mind and we have each other’s back."

It’s Not About the Role — It’s About the Goal
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We’re kicking off 2017 in ultimate TR fashion. Over the weekend, teams across the country set off to tackle operations in response to severe weather. Get the latest.

Jan. 17 Sit Rep
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Seemingly insurmountable obstacles were overcome thanks to Katerina, a Greek nurse and Team Rubicon volunteer at the clinic on Operation Hermes.

Katerina Tackles an Impossible Feat for Refugees in Need of Care
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Greyshirt volunteers celebrate the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. by serving communities affected by disasters.
With support from the Bob Woodruff Foundation, the Clay Hunt Fellows Program offers veterans new challenges and opportunities. [ Link ]
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Are you seeking an opportunity to better yourself and lead within Team Rubicon? Veteran volunteers can honor the life and example of Clay Hunt, a Marine veteran and one of our original members, by serving as a Clay Hunt Fellow. Now accepting applications through March 31, 2017.

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Our Mobile Training Center kicks off its nationwide tour at our National Operations Center just outside Dallas. Get ready, groupies.
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When you say "go," our volunteers say "how far?" Look where we're currently putting in work.
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From providing medical care to the refugee population in Greece to helping those impacted by Hurricane Matthew across the East Coast, we crushed the mud out of 2016.
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We're marking seven years of disaster response with a request for action. Don’t bring gifts. Bring commitment.
TR is taking over Muscle Beach with Tough Mudder!
Seven years ago today, a magnitude 7.0 earthquake devastated the island nation of Haiti. This event was the catalyst that led two Marine Corps veterans to form Team Rubicon, an organization committed to helping people on their worst day. This is our story.

Seven Years Ago
It's almost time to celebrate the inception of Team Rubicon, so get ready to show us your commitment. How will you tackle Go Day?
"It’s the new volunteer who isn’t sure if they’ll fit in – perhaps because of their politics, sexual orientation, or faith – but then soon realizes the common desire to serve and help others overcomes all these differences, and unites us all in our desire to be agents of kindness."

What Kindness Means to Team Rubicon
How has Team Rubicon helped you? Share your story in a comment.
The call to serve never ends.