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Problem354 x Darrein Safron x T9

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Who else still has #TheStorm on repeat? What's been your go-to track lately?
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Grab that new CES CRU album on iTunes and you'll immediately get "The Process (Guillotine)"! Pre-order yours here:

Catastrophic Event Specialists | Feb. 10th
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Technicians! Lincoln & Lawrence are both sold out!

You can still catch me in Springfield though, tickets are up at!
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Jay Trilogy won the Warrior Built Monster Energy contest and he re-recorded his verse with Bengineer & now we shooting the vid! This rappin muh fucka is only 18! JESUS! Was I that dope at 18?
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Everything you see, like "Show Me a God" or "Anghellic" or "EBAH" --- all of it comes from my religious background.

‘Tech N9ne’s Music Roots Are Deep In The Church’ – The Kansas City Star Looks At Tech’s Religious Upbringing
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They say you wanna lose a fan you go fuck em and said you can't be their idol on top of carnally touch em I wanna be lovin when I'm on the the road alone it be suckin performin he clutchin a Angel when they corner me bussin! I met a lot of great women on the road, carefully pick it n9na didn't get wit the Ho's I'm the ticket to kick it when...
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Technicians! I only signed 100 of these Sickology 101 canvases!

Get yours here:
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STRANGE MUSIC INC is seeking to fill full-time key positions within the screen printing field.

Preferred skill sets with:

• M&R Equipment
• i-Image
• Challenger 3

Local preferred - or willing to relocate to Lee's Summit, MO.

Please submit all updated resumes and information to for more.

Thank you!
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CES CRU made a classic hip hop album with Catastrophic Event Specialists!

Pre-order it here:
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Today's the last day to get all your Strange Music accessories for 60% off!

Shop now:
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Just signed these Sickology 101 canvases for all my Technicians who want a piece of history! Only 100 are available!

Head over to to get yours
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Springfield! I'm coming to the Gillioz Theatre next Saturday! Who's coming out to party!??

Tech N9ne at the Gillioz

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Just the instrumentals alone…those are outrageous! And the lyrics ––– oh my goodness!

“Ces is chopping motherf***ers heads off!”: Tech N9ne Talks Ces Cru’s New Single “The Process (Guillotine)”
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Gloves ✔
Scarf ✔
60% off ✔

Head to and grab your Strange accessories. Sale ends TOMORROW!
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Ubi & Godi are choppin heads off with this one!

Be sure to grab your physical copy of CES CRU's upcoming album Catastrophic Event Specialists -

CES Cru - The Process (Guillotine) - Official Music Video

CES Cru "The Process (Guillotine)" iTunes - New Hip Hop Music Video | Strange Music Catastrophic Event Specialists | 2.10.2017 CES Cru...

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Midwest Choppers 2, Dysfunctional, Red Nose... how many of my Technicians have this album?

Now you can grab a limited edition Sickology 101 canvas!

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