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The superstar Mackenzie Nicole will be on 38 the Spot TONIGHT at 11PM CT! Tune in!
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You've never heard "Worldwide Choppers" like this before! If you were not already aware, Strange Music has some of ...

WATCH: Fan Completely Destroys Drum Remix Of ‘Worldwide Choppers’
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CES CRU just dropped off two movies for yawl.

Check 'em out!

"Slave" - [ Link ]

"Average Joe" - [ Link ]
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Clown town!
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CES CRU's Spotify contest!

Must be submitted before Sunday night at 11:59PM PST. Let's see some playlists!

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One thing bout rock music when ya good you get them Dame's white bitches they want the main vein wanna get ahead of the pack to give brain. Put the middle leg in their lap, good at rap? Then they begging for that, better yet if you got the stacks, say where the orgy at? Then a lot of whores come pour thee sack. Ain't nobody fuckin wit it said it on Sole's shit, keeping it Poppin is how the Mo...
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Man! Run The Jewels killed EVERYTHING the other night! It was my first show but it will NOT be my last!

Hear about it in my recent interview -
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JESUS! Flashbacks! Ha Ha. Now I, buss words!
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Pre sale is NOW LIVE for the #StrictlyStrangeTour stop at Arvest Bank Theatre at The Midland in KC! Pick yours up before 10PM CT TONIGHT!!

Tickets available here -
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Wine connoisseur's, help me find this bottle of wine I had on my birthday in Melbourne Australia! It's looking like it's not close but I refuse to believe that! Let me know! T9!
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#DOMINION is upon us...

Pre order available now -
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Have yawl seen the VIP package for the #StrictlyStrangeTour17?? Plus, a ticket to the show of your choice AND meet & greet??

Grab yours now at
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"Free your mind, and remember
Winners are not people who never fail
But people who never QUIT"

[ Link ]