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CloudFormation enables impressive orchestration of AWS resources. Here are three alternative solutions for hybrid cloud environments.

3 hybrid cloud alternatives to AWS CloudFormation
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The macOS command places important web domain, nameserver, and registration information at your fingertips. Here's how to make it work for you.

How to master macOS whois command basics
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Researchers from Ben Gurion University in Israel discovered a way to covertly steal data from an air-gapped computer by controlling its blinking hard drive light.

Researchers use hacked hard drive LED to steal data from air-gapped computer
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Find out how Hershey leveraged IoT and machine learning to regulate production at its factories and save $500,000 for every 1% of improved efficiency when making Twizzlers.

How Hershey used the cloud to deploy IoT and machine learning without a data scientist
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A recent Edison Investment Research report said that artificial intelligence is poised to improve digital life, but it has yet to solve the problems facing it.

Report: Why the big challenges in AI aren't close to being solved
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Storage-class memory involves pushing disks into the background and emphasizing memory as all you really need. As it nears reality, an IBM scientist reminds us it's already been done.

Storage-class memory supporters may heed lessons learned from the 1970s
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If you employ WordPress for your personal or company sites, you owe it to yourself to set up two-factor authentication. Here's how.

How to add two-factor authentication to your WordPress site
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Sometimes Mac users find themselves needing to access a Windows application, and Microsoft RDC can be a good option to do so. Here's how to access the application and set up a connection.

How to access Microsoft Remote Desktop on macOS Sierra
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Take the next step in your journey on the road of digital transformation.

Video: The three levels of digital transformation
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Adjust the exposure and brightness to make your photos stand out.

Want better photos? Try these three basic tips
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The Uber business model has been around for about 100 years.

There was an Uber before there was Uber
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John Deere's been ahead of the game on developing autonomous vehicles.

John Deere's focus on autonomous tractors began 20 years ago
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How Hirotec added industrial IoT and improved its scheduling capabilities [ Link ] via ZDNet
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Google Daydream View headsets are more than just toys: They have the potential to be huge for business. Find out how you can make them work for you with this smart person's guide.

Google Daydream View: The smart person's guide
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Tech companies have long asked job candidates difficult, brain teasing interview questions. Here are some recent questions candidates were asked at Uber, Facebook, Twitter, and others.

27 jobs with the hardest interview questions
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As open office plans become the norm, it's important to take into consideration how both introverted and extroverted employees are most productive.

How to create an introvert-friendly workplace: 10 tips