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World's greatest tip. Have you ever had a wet phone? Tried putting it in rice? Did it work? Like or comment. You can also share with us some of the tips you use when your phone is in distress..#TECNOMobile
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All work and all play! Taking breaks from work can make you happier, more focused and productive.

If you've been going at it strongly all day, take a break now and don't feel guilty about doing so.
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How well do you know our devices? Which one of our phantoms below has the eye scanner?
Comment for A(Beauty) ,Like for B(Beast).
hint: You can comment and also like at the same time.
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Explore the world with the best travel companion! #TECNOPhantom6
Happy Valentine's Day! ❤ What is your favorite Valentines day story that melted your heart? #TECNOMobile
It's a SUNday. Look who we found ❤ Can you guess which phone is this? #TECNOMobile
All you need for a great weekend is a perfect phone with a great camera, and good internet connectivity. That's a perfect blend to kick-start your weekend.

Do have a splendid weekend.
Never miss out on anything with the #TECNOWinpad2. It caters for all your needs,comes with options depending with how you want it to be. What will you do with it if you got yourself one?
Because design matters. Look at how amazing the all metal body shines on our phantoms. #TECNOphantom6
It's amazing how time moves swiftly regardless of how we feel about it. Welcome to the historical month of love.
Go out of your way to make it an amazing one for someone.
Happy New Month!
Remember that first phone you owned? The days where there was no internet, no facebook, whatsapp, IG or twitter? How was life? Share with us the pic or name of your first phone. #TECNO
With the #TECNOPhantom6Plus, enjoy making video calls with your long distance friends and family with the 4G network. Tag your long lost friend or family you miss talking to and seeing.
A new year is like a blank book, and the pen is in your hands. It is your chance to write a beautiful story for yourself. #HappyNewYear
You have always been with us..
We really appreciate you. It's another chance to write a Beautiful story for yourself and your loved ones.
Happy new year friends. ❤
To another great year full of greatness. ❤❤
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ManCity v Watford! Cheers for Manchester City on 14th Dec. Can you predict the score? #TECNOxMCFC
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Live TV Interview about TECNO Mobile on BBC World News #ExperienceMore #TECNOxManCity #TECNOPhantom6 #TECNOPhantom6Plus