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We hate goodbyes...but here a few last words about last year's Communications Director for TEDxAmsterdam. Thank you Saskia Wijsman for doing a great job and good luck with your new adventure.

The tough job you will always look back at with a smile.

TEDx Amsterdam
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Do you have a great idea for the innovation of learning? Are you active in an industry that might not typically be associated with education? Do you have a project or idea worth spreading, a little-known marvel with potential to make a big impact in the field of education and learning? If so, apply for the TEDxAmsterdamED Award 2017! Click for more info:

TedxAmsterdamED Award 2017 Registration | TEDxAmsterdamED

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TEDxAmsterdam 2017

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Cool gadgets, dance-moves and energizing zones of our partners put a smile on all our faces and made this year's TEDxAmsterdam 2016 - New Power Event even more powerful!

Getting spoiled by TEDxAms 2016 partners! - TEDxAmsterdam

We started #TEDxAms 2016 with #newpower quotes from the attendees, cited by our speakers. We did things differently and turned things everything upside down. Read here how!

New Power throughout the day - TEDxAmsterdam

Normally, evaluating an event is left to the audience, but this year we are turning everything upside down, giving the old ways new power, and evaluating our own top moments.

The audience top moments - TEDxAms 2016 - TEDxAmsterdam

Bionic birds, live music-making, paper-vaginas, an emotional plea...
Thanks for a great day of #newpower!
We sat down for an exclusive interview with Muhammed and Michel to learn more about their story on fear, freedom and friendship.

"You won’t integrate if people don’t trust you. After all, we’re all human beings."

#newpower #TEDxAms

At home while you wait for a home - An interview with Muhammed Tlej - TEDxAmsterdam

The moment is here: almost all the TEDtalks from our TEDxAmsterdam 2016 - New Power Event are online!

Check out a day filled with #NewPower!

TEDxAmsterdam - November 18, 2016

The power of fear, the power of singing, the power of off. This year's #TEDxAms was a mecca of interactive sessions.

Read here about some of the interactive experiences that kept the visitors entertained and engaged.


TEDxAms 2016 - A mecca of interactive experiences! - TEDxAmsterdam

NOS's piece about TEDxAmsterdam 2016 event: Old power out, New power in!

TedxAmsterdam: old power out, new power in

What a powerful day! Take a moment and enjoy this beautiful selection of pictures: [ Flickr.com Link ]

Thank you and we hope to see you next year!

And the TEDxAmsterdam 2016 - New Power Award winner is...Mo El-Fatatry with the 'Masar Box': The Sun Continent, Powered by the Sun

Congratulations and thanks to all the applicants and nominees!

#newpower #TEDxAms
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A selection of our top pics of the day. We will let the pictures and your fantasies speak for themselves!

#newpower #TEDxAms

Our top pick… pictures of the TEDxAmsterdam day! - TEDxAmsterdam

Dr. Nina Gaissert talking about bionic thinking: “We do not want to imitate nature, but learn from its adaptive abilities.” #newpower #TEDxAms
Wow. What a powerful performance this was by Maask!

"As a photographer I persist with my own dreams", Xiaoxiao Xu says.
Tune in now if you haven't already to follow our livestream of the TEDxAmsterdam 2016 - New Power Event!

TEDxAmsterdam -- Ideas worth spreading

Need footage for social sharing? Find our collection of the most beautiful shots on Flickr.

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