Goongala! LIKE if you're diggin' Casey Jones in his new mask.
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Who's this mysterious foe?
Find out Sunday at 9AM/8C on Nickelodeon.
Can you master this trivia with your sewer wisdom?
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Tuesday = NEW episode of MIKEY & MIKEY.
Every ninja prepares for battle. See the mutated methods Greg Cipes & Michelangelo are using.
Stop & smell the flowers! It's the 1st day of Spring.
(TMNT exclusive art by Dave Alvarez Studios)
24 years ago today, then-mayor of Los Angeles Tom Bradley declared March 19, 1993 to be Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Day.
Happy St. Patrick's Day, dudes!
(TMNT exclusive art by Billy Martin)
Know your enemy! Mark Hamill voices the latest TMNT foe, Kavaxas.
Watch the season premiere Sunday at 9AM/8C on Nickelodeon.
Another NEW episode of MIKEY & MIKEY.
Greg Cipes goes in the booth & you'll never guess who's his director...
Out of the sewers & into the snow! β›„
(TMNT exclusive art by Jody Edwards Art)
It might be cold in NYC, but the Turtles are making the best of it! For more winter adventures in the Big Apple, visit NYC: The Official Guide.
7 awesome adventures in Tales of the TMNT. Begins March 19 on Nickelodeon!
REVEALED Tales of TMNT opening titles! The new season kicks off Sunday, March 19th.
Forget the popcorn, bring the pizza! The 2014 TMNT movie is making its Nickelodeon debut this Friday at 8pm/7c.
NEW episode of MIKEY & MIKEY.
Another Tuesday, another new episode. Watch Greg Cipes & his cowabunga counterpart prepare for a record session.
Take a peek at the new opening titles for the next season of TMNT.
Whether it's warm or chilly outside, Shredder is always cold.
(TMNT exclusive art by The Art of Ian Glaubinger)