Waiting for the weekend to kick in? You're not the only one... #FridayFeeling
Miriam Hill
Benjamin Mills
Karl Singh
#TBT! IDW Publishing's 2015 Free Comic Book Day issue was a sweet read. Who's pumped for this year?
Kevin Lyon
Alex Mora
Kris Charlton
Want the works? Follow TMNT on Instagram for a slice of sewer life! [ Instagram.com Link ]
Want the works Follow TMNT on Instagram for a slice of sewer life
Rachel Espinoza
Sukannya Ball
Jo Charc
"Peace of mind, piece of pizza." The mantra of the mutant.
Watch Greg Cipes & Michelangelo in a new MIKEY & MIKEY!
Nichole Cranfill
April Flores
Michael Santoro
Are you a pizzatarian?
Are you a pizzatarian
Nichole Cranfill
Tony Mata
Raven Newby
Raphael is tough as nails, but he still recycles.
Happy Earth Day! β™»
Raphael is tough as nails but he still recycles
James Lynch
Ronald Martin
Michael Gaona
Decades of mutation! Which is your fav?
(TMNT exclusive animation by Nickelodeon’s Jason Willmann)
Brian M Briody
Joe DeGaetano
Ty Whittle
Who remembers these old school TMNT trading cards?
Who remembers these old school TMNT trading cards
Jacob Segers
Chris Domena
Dario Monaco
Out of the shadows and into a FOOSBALL TOURNAMENT?! Greg Cipes takes on Michelangelo in an all-new MIKEY & MIKEY.
Lateshia Gallon
Eric Barnes
Gordon Barber
"Pizza is the best,
pepperoni is tasty,
no anchovies, dude."
???? Comment with your own haiku!
Pizza is the best pepperoni is tasty no anchovies dude Comment with
Jessica Severt
Ben Riley
Michael Edward Johnson
Happy Easter, dudes!
(TMNT exclusive artwork by Dave Alvarez Studios)
Happy Easter dudes 
TMNT exclusive artwork by Dave Alvarez Studios
Erich Fiedler
Louise Allenby
Gordon Barber
This bunny is straight from the 90s! Who remembers this VHS?
This bunny is straight from the 90s Who remembers this VHS
Kevin Martinez
Matthew Duran
Josh Winthrop
The ultimate Easter egg...the Turtle Blimp! ☁☁☁
Anyone else make cool TMNT eggs?
Hamza Haracic
Roger Hillman Cameron
Colleen Mineau
Matt Burt
Joe Nicholson
John Tamale
Free Comic Book Day is coming May 6th! Remember IDW Publishing's issue from 2013? #TBT
Cliff Francisque
Edward Sanchez
Trevor Spencer
Happy Passover! Mutate your matzah into pizza! ✑
Happy Passover Mutate your matzah into pizza ✑
Jessica Gost
Eraj Parwiz
Edward Sanchez
Everyone loves a good selfie. Well, maybe not...
See what happens on a NEW episode of MIKEY & MIKEY!
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Joseph Ocasio
Andrei Iosif
Brotherly love!
Brotherly love
Scarlett Keith
Travis Powell
Lydia Bullen
It’s going to be an EPIC Easter! Save $10 when you spend $50 OR save $25 when you spend $100. Valid 4/9 – 4/15. [ At.nick.com Link ]
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Have you been watching? Here's a recap & what's to come for the finale of the Kavaxas story in Tales of the TMNT. Watch the conclusion tomorrow 9AM/8C on Nickelodeon.
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Rachel Espinoza
Miriam Santaolaya