(TMNT exclusive artwork by Jody Edwards Art)
COMING SOON! Watch the pizza-lovin' party dude & Greg Cipes in their wacky new series, Mikey & Mikey. New episodes on Facebook every Tuesday starting 2/28!
Happy President's Day! Think these dudes ate pizza?
EXCLUSIVE reveals from Toy Fair NY. Mutants, monsters & more! Which figure is your fav?
Out of the sewers & into the ring! An in-depth look at TMNT & WWE's Ninja Superstars Series 2.
EXCLUSIVE: TMNT & WWE Ninja Superstars are getting back in the ring!
More sewer slammin' action coming soon.
#ShredderWeek! (Day 7)
Shredder reflects his many memories with the Splinter & the Turtles. What’s your favorite?
#ShredderWeek! (Day 5)
Oroku Saki mutated himself into a monster. Do the Turtles stand a chance? The ultimate battle is just days away! All-new episode this Sunday at 9AM/8C on Nickelodeon.
#ShredderWeek! (Day 4)
TMNT executive producer, Ciro Nieli, offers insight into Super Shredder’s nasty mutation.
See more in an all-new episode this Sunday at 9AM/8C on Nickelodeon.
#ShredderWeek! (Day 3)
Being a legendary villain gets no love. Happy Valentine's Day!
(TMNT exclusive art by Ben Bishop)
#ShredderWeek! (Day 2)
From his 80s origins to his latest mutation, Shredder is a menace. Get familiar with the iconic villain before he attempts to take down the Turtles this Sunday at 9AM/8C on Nickelodeon.
It’s #ShredderWeek! 7 consecutive days celebrating the past, present & future of TMNT’s most iconic villain.
Who's the speedy new mutant?
Alopex is coming to TMNT this Sunday at 9AM/8C on Nickelodeon.
National Pizza Day?! Make like Mikey & get a slice!
(TMNT exclusive artwork by Dave Alvarez Studios)
Shell-ebrate, dudes! On this day in 2003, the Turtles launched a new series. Who remembers?
Happy Birthday to the leader of the Turtle crew, Seth Green!
Yellow jumpsuits? Always in style.
Making mutants & monsters is mega fun! Watch Tokka's reign of terror in animatic form.