*Ruby Fuchsite Egg* Β  Ruby Fuchsite: Is a wonderful stone for the heart, helping one to release old wounds and to stimulate the expansion of the heart. Ruby fuc

Crystal - Ruby Fuchsite Egg


I Am Goddess: It's time to Shine
Ascension Mastery Series part 2
Written by Lee-Anne Peters

Your Goddess comes forth with a pure white flower,
She encourages you to breathe IN all of your power.
Breathe who YOU are deep inside,
Open your heart – come within for the ride!

Do you want to shift old emotion that has been holding you back?
Would you love to LOVE yourself more?
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All sorted and ready to go first thing in the morning. What's ready? All of my ceramics tools ready to make some more smudge bowls, Namaste pots and handle-less mugs. However they'll still be a couple of weeks away from being ready. Sleep well or have a great day my friends. Goodnight. Lee-Anne Peters #organised #ceramics #pottery #terracotta #handmaking #clayplay
Enjoying a little time in nature this evening. Allowing the windy salted air to support some mental purging. It's been very hectic here, however need to always make time to relax and step away from work a bit. All my love and gratitude, Lee-Anne Peters #beach #windy #tasmania
*hot out of the kiln* - some of you having been following my creation of these #namaste pots. The first batch of them have just been released now. Take a peak and see if any inspire you at [ Templeofbalance.com.au Link ] - we do ship worldwide from #Australia - Lee-Anne Peters #tasdesigned #terracotta #crystals #scroll #ceramics #tasmania #homeartstudio #love
Just unpacked! A crystal collectors heaven! Can you identify any stones? #templeofbalance #crystal #specimen #import #newgoodies
**just released ** incredible #rhodonite egg. A great stone for the heart chakra, to calm and balance. Take a peak at this and others at - we do ship worldwide from #Australia - #crystal #specimen #displaypiece
NEW - out of my latest smudge bowls this is my favourite. The glaze slowly moved and then cooled leaving beautiful thick metallic drips along the bottom. This guy is now ready to work with you to clear personal and environmental negativity. Check it out at - we do ship worldwide from #Australia - Lee-Anne Peters #smudge #bowls #terracotta #clay #homeartstudio #ceramics #tasmania
---- LAST ROOM ---- 1 x single or 1 x couple / double available for our 17-24 March Tasmania Healing Retreat. If it calls to you, please act soon!

EVENT - Tasmania Healing Retreat (2) - 17-24 MAR 2017

Cards for wed 18th & thu 19th Jan with Lee-Anne Peters - reassess - privacy - healing - mend - stay focused - aviod distraction - initiation - tests - new beginnings - beacon - mind thoughts - awareness - [ Templeofbalance.com.au Link ] - [ Facebook.com Link ]
JUST RELEASED - Another great smudge bowl in green tones. Fantastic to house your new smudge stick and use it for many months clearing personal and environmental negativity. Take a peak at - we do ship worldwide from #Australia - Lee-Anne Peters #pottery #smudging #clearnegativity #handmade #clay #ceramics
One crazy busy summer's day to the next. Sending you loads of #love from my heart to yours. May #love guide your thoughts, words and actions. If you're waiting for my next live video stream on fb - I always have the intention to do it at the forefront of my mind - it will happen asap. I'm off to concert band rehearsals now so I'll connect with you again later. Xx Lee-Anne Peters #tasmania...
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NEW - HOT OUT OF THE KILN! This and four other #handmade #smudgebowls are now available. Great to clear personal and environmental negativity. Check them out at [ Templeofbalance.com.au Link ] - We do ship worldwide from #Australia - Lee-Anne Peters #ceramics #terracotta #smudge #supportartists #homeartstudio
**NEW** smudge bowl to help clear negativity. - plus 4 x others are being released on the si.te. over this next 10mins. stay tuned if you're inspired to. xx Lee-Anne

Ceramic - Smudge Bowl package

***new*** just arrived and released. A gorgeous #tigerseye generator with seriously blue tinge. This highlights tiger's eye qualities of grounding and balance but also adds throat chakra connection too. A great generator for personal healing use or for those working with others. Take a peak at this and others at - we do ship worldwide from #Australia - #crystal #specimen #displaypiece
Good morning, may your day be happy! Lee-Anne Peters #sunrise #tasmania #sorell
*Tiger's Eye Generator* Β  Tiger’s Eye: Is a very protective and grounding stone. It wards off negative energy and strengthens your connection to the earth. It h

Crystal - Tiger's Eye Generator

#daytrip #tasmania #eastcoast #hazards #learnerdriver #visitingfamily #wineglassbay #homewardbound
Travelling through the #tasmanian #eastcoast as a passenger on this beautiful day. Mr 17 is driving us north to see my mum and step dad. Lots of love, Lee-Anne #countryside
Yay - opening my ceramics kiln with much excitement. Incredible pieces, but also had 5 x fuse themselves to my kiln shelves so hopefully I can pry them off in one-piece. Coming ti my s.i.t.e in a couple of days. Please make contact for first dibs if any speak to you. Lee-Anne #ceramics #tasmania #clay #homeartstudio #terracotta