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WATCH: WA surfing royalty battled through our wintry weekend for Trigg's "King of the Point" #TenSport
WATCH: The coast is clear for Drew Petrie to return to the Eagles line up after he pleaded guilty to a striking charge in the WAFL at the weekend. #TenSport
PERTH OUTLOOK: Rebecca Munro with a weather update. Tune in at 5:55pm for more #TenWeather
WATCH: A multi-million dollar facelift of the Perth museum has begun with the demolition of the building's glass facade #TenNews
Phillip Gregory
WATCH: The owner of coastal cafe Yelo has won a legal battle with one of Perth's biggest councils #TenNews
WATCH: Counselling has been offered to the university colleagues of a Perth student, fighting for life in intensive care #TenNews