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Dr. Zeb Hogan, aquatic ecologist and host of Nat Geo WILD's "Monster Fish," recently visited the Aquarium and shared some thoughts about the importance of water for all life – from Monster Fish to us. Watch and share this video to celebrate #WorldWaterDay!
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Red-ruffed Lemurs are the most frugivorous (fruit-eating) of all the lemur species. Because of their diet, they are a very important pollinator species - technically the largest on Earth! They are also considered an indicator species for tropical rainforest health. #InternationalDayofForests
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Is spring here yet? Join us as we look for signs of early spring on shrubs and early wildflowers on a guided walk around Lula Lake Land Trust with Christine Hunt, horticulturist. We are taking a seldom used trail along the creek, near the hemlocks, and may find some interesting types of mosses, lichens and other treasures that nature may reveal. Put on your hiking boots and let's take a walk...
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Signs of Spring Nature Walk

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Happy #WorldFrogDay! Did you know that frogs can be found on every continent except Antarctica?
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Spring is here!
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The world is full of natural wonders and there's no better place to go exploring than summer camp at the Aquarium. Registration is now open: [ Bit.ly Link ]
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Did you know? Lemurs are among the few mammals which are matriarchal, meaning communal groups are formed around and headed by females.
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ICYMI: A study by researchers from the Tennessee Aquarium Conservation Institute and partners recently looked at the effects of elevated water temperatures on salamanders.

Study says climate change leads to fat salamanders

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Happy #StPatricksDay! ☘ Here's hoping you don't get pinched.
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Great to have FOX 5 here.
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Come grab (virtual) lunch with our seahorses and learn more about these fascinating creatures!
Be sure to join us at noon for a live feeding of our sea horses! "Sea" you there!
Do some amphibians respond to stress by binge eating? That's the focus of a new study by researchers from the Tennessee Aquarium Conservation Institute, University of the South and Southeast Missouri State University.

A New Scientific Study Suggests Climate Change Could Lead to Fatter Salamanders | Tennessee Aquarium

Celebrate Learn About Butterflies Day in our Butterfly Garden with entomologist Jennifer Taylor!
This spring break, a visit to the Aquarium might seem more like an island getaway.

Spring Break | Tennessee Aquarium

Are you more Red-ruffed or Ring-tailed? Find out in five easy questions!

QUIZ: What's Your Lemur Personality?

The Arakan Forest Turtles living behind the scenes just under the Aquarium's glass peaks are becoming more active now that days are getting longer and warmer (excluding this weekend's forecast). This critically endangered species is kept at the Aquarium as part of an AZA Species Survival Plan (SSP) to protect species threatened with extinction in the wild.

Speaking of longer days, remember...
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A few of our Ring-tailed Lemurs had birthdays this week so keepers created special "cakes" for the group as part of their daily enrichment routine!

(Note: Our keepers always remind visitors that while fun enrichment activities are part of day to day life at the Aquarium, our lemurs are never treated like pets and are wild animals. While the lemur pet trade is legal in our area, it is also a...
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