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Terence Lewis
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Tonight spreading love in Amby Valley #shotoniPhone7Plus #iPhone7Plus
Terence Lewis
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Performing at Amby Valley in a few minutes ! Tunein #shotoniPhone7Plus #iPhone7Plus
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#Aboutlastnite #caringwithstyle #rampforacause
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Sorry folks...poor network in the area but will upload the video soon !
What a gorgeous couple : Megha Bansal n Saurabh Gupta ! Stay blessed!
Thank u @Vijay Arora n @Touchwood Team for nailing this super classy event!
Terence Lewis
02/25/2017 at 15:35. Facebook
Last minute checks : In Delhi performing my Gig for a high Profile Event ! Will go Live on my public profile page Terence Lewis mentions, with u again as promised ! We are on anytime between 9.30 n 10 pm tonite !
This ones for all my students, fans, dance enthusiasts...u deserve the best....This one's for u all! Thank u n have a blessed day!
@tlcdc #tlcdc
@tlpti #tlpti
What the ..... 50 thousand views in 4 hrs already ! Thank u ! Will go live soon again
#weddings #musicalnites #performance #artist #tlcdc #killingit
Magic of 7s plus ! โคing it!
Let's make it reach 1 million ! Please share !
Lunch with the lovely Lauren Gottlieb! We had a blast, and you can pull up a chair: [ Theindianews24.com Link ]

A candid chat with Terence Lewis and Lauren Gottlieb over lunch

Celebrating love with you all! Happy Valentine's Day
Another snippet from the show. A special celebration of love on #ValentinesDay at Manisha and Aakash Agarwal's ring ceremony. #TLCDC #shotoniPhonePlus #iPhone7Plus #TLLive
Let's celebrate Valentine's Day. Performing live at the Agrawal's engagement ceremony. Let's celebrate love tonight!
Will go live again at 9 pm with my performance for a very special couple Manisha n Aakash Agarwal! Watch this space #shotoniPhone7Plus #iPhone7Plus
Valentines special : tell me what or who u love n I'll tell what I love. #shotoniPhone7Plus #iPhone7Plus
Hey Folks happy Valentines day to all my fans
@terencelewisworld @terence_l_rd @reyhanadaudova @terence_lewis_fc n friends n family! Let's celebrate love! Tell me what or who u love when I go Live today hereon Facebook at 6.30 pm! Will share special news only with u guys so stay tuned in! Excited like a teenager!
Don't forget we have a date at 6.30 pm today here on Facebook mentions live...
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Awwww Cute Baby Angel Cupid :)


Let's get to know each other, coming soon!
Brace yourselves Bangalore!
"Hey Youngistans! All of you have the focus, drive & grit to push your limits to do your best irrespective of what the results are! eat well & drink lots of water & meditate everyday to keep yourself alert & sharp. All the best!" - Terence Lewis

Terence Lewis has a message for CBSE aspirants! : News

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