Terry Pratchett
01/21/2017 at 10:00. Facebook
As those who receive our newsletter will know, you can catch a glimpse of Paul Kaye in his role of Pratchett in the upcoming documentary in the BBC's Cultural Highlights of 2017...

Kaye appears at 01:35.

BBC - BBC Arts takes viewers to the heart of culture in 2017 - Media Centre

Terry Pratchett
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Hot on the heels of the BBC's announcement of a new Pratchett documentary, comes an update on BBC Studios' Good Omens adaptation.

The six part comedy series, which will be broadcast by Amazon Prime and the BBC in 2018, was adapted for television by Terry's co-author Neil Gaiman.

“Almost 30 years ago Terry Pratchett and I wrote the funniest novel we could about the end of the world, populated...
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Terry Pratchett
01/18/2017 at 20:00. Facebook
In case our weekly quotes aren't enough for you... here are some of Penguin Book's most loved Pratchett quotes:

10 of the best Terry Pratchett quotes

Terry Pratchett: Back in Black

We are so excited to announce that the BBC will be showing a new documentary later this year on Terry Pratchett, featuring contributions from authors Neil Gailman and Val McDermid. The documentary will cover Terry's school days, his creation of the Discworld and his final battle with Alzheimers.

Further details to follow.

BBC reveal plans for "poignant" new Terry Pratchett documentary

In the beginning, there was nothing but endless flatness. Then came the Carpet...

Sir Terry Pratchett’s hilarious debut novel is out tomorrow with fresh new illustrations from Mark Beech.

Find out more: po.st/TheCarpetPeople
Sometimes it's better to light a flame thrower than to curse the darkness...
"Sir Terry had not been to university himself, Seen or Unseen. He had just about scraped through High Wycombe Technical High School. Astronomy was his passion, but his star-gazing was not backed up by being any good at maths. He learned instead—mostly from P.G. Wodehouse and H.G. Wells—that universes could be explored in other ways, and could be funny and dark and slyly topical, all at...
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Obituary: Terry Pratchett: Of gods and men | The Economist

‘The True Human Beings. It's what most people call themselves, to begin with. And then one day the tribe meets The Enemy. If only they'd think up a name like Some More True Human Beings, it'd save a lot of trouble later on...’
"Maybe half of them went in the last ten years. In another ten, unless there’s a miracle, look for them only in zoos and a few parks. And this is one of our relatives I’m talking about here. There may be as few as 15,000 of them left."

The Orangutans are Dying, by Terry Pratchett

Destiny is important, see, but people go wrong when they think it controls them. It's the other way around.
"I wrote this in 1996, while I was evolving ideas for the book which was eventually published as Hogfather..."

Take a look at this festive short story from the collection 'A Blink of the Screen'.

FTB, by Terry Pratchett

Hogswatch is coming.

The phrase 'Someone ought to do something' was not, by itself, a helpful one. People who used it never added the rider 'and that someone is me'.
"This has to be the highest level of fiction. It does everything that great fiction does—but then makes us laugh too."

Terry Pratchett’s Discworld Might Be The Highest Form of Literature on the Planet

Stories of imagination tend to upset those without one...
'There is a peculiar tendency for Good Omens to fall in puddles, in baths... on several occasions into soup. Terry for a while actually used to carry around a pair of rubber gloves with him - he would formally put them on before signings.'

Five objects that shaped the creation of Good Omens - a Penguin Podcast from Neil Gaiman and Richard E. Grant.

Neil Gaiman

Humans don't alter history any more than birds alter the sky, they just make brief patterns in it.
'I was not stupid... that was the nearest I was ever going to get to Michelangelo phoning to ask if I wanted to paint a ceiling with him.'

Neil Gaiman on writing 'Good Omens' with his friend Terry Pratchett.

Good Omens: How Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett wrote a book - BBC News

"It is well known that a vital ingredient of success is not knowing that what you're attempting can't be done"