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Tetley Australia
12/02/2016 at 07:18. Facebook
Forest Fruits Iced Tea

1. Fill a jug with boiling water.
2. Add up to 6 Tetley Fruit infusions tea bags and leave for 5 minutes.
3. Remove tea bags and add sugar to taste.
4. Pour over a glass of ice and frozen mixed berries
5. Enjoy a refreshing summer treat!
"Drink up, drink up! Move down, move down!"
Watching your Tetley Forest Fruits teabag as it infuses is almost as relaxing as drinking it.
Forest Fruits with a twist of Apple? We think you'll agree, it's berry nice!
It's Christmas in your mouth, any time of the year! Unwrap a box of Cinnamon Orange with a twist of Rooibos today!
The fresh taste of passionfruit with a surprising hibiscus twist! What's your favourite flavour?
A refreshing mango taste, with just a twist of strawberry to keep your tastebuds guessing.
Happy World Smile Day! Crack a smile in the Tetley Smile Challenge and support Smile Train today!
Traditionally, green tea was steamed for a less bitter taste, and we continue that tradition today with our 100% Steamed Green range.
Tetley has partnered with Smile Train to help bring a smile to children with clefts across the world. So go on, show your support and give us a smile! :) [ Tetley.com.au Link ]
A delicious taste of summer, any time of year! What's your favourite Tetley Fruit Infusions flavour?
Need to relax? Time for a cup of Tetley's Steamed Green.
There's no secret as to why our 100% Steamed Green Tea tastes so refreshing, it's because they've all had a good steam!
Perfect weather to stay indoors and get a little steamy!
Tetley Steamed Green. Better, not bitter.
Escape the winter chill with a little taste of summer!
Go on, tag someone who deserves a pick-me-up! :)
What flavour do you save for a rainy day?