Hi everyone, how are you? It's sunny today and as it's the weekend I'm going to take a nice break and stay at home with my family. What are your plans? Thanks, Austin
Hi fans, today farmers are busy picking new leaves after some plucking advice from a recent visitor. The weather is good here today - sunny with a little cloud. Have a good week, Stanford
Hi everyone, how are you all? Here, the children at the centre are very well. They have just had exams and are waiting for results and at the end of the month they will go on holiday. Thanks, Victorie
Hi fans, this week I'm supervising a team of 26 workers in the rooibos field. They are a new team but they're already doing a very good job. Enjoy the week, from Dawid
Hello everyone, we've had a lot of rain today so are taking a break while it moves over the mountain. I'm in the sitting room listening to the radio and watching the rain fall down. Thanks, Stanford
Hi everyone, we are still busy harvesting and the young plants are looking healthy. We enjoyed some sports over the weekend including a rugby match on the farm which our team won. What sports do you enjoy? From Jan
Hello fans, how are you? I'm well here. Last year we started loaning solar panels to community members for their houses and this week we're starting the programme again. Thanks, Fredrick
Hi fans, did you know that we grow pineapples and avocados here? I've been to the market today where people were selling their own fruits and vegetables. Wishing you a good week, Fredrick
Hi fans, we hope we can cut a lot of tea today as the weather conditions are just right. This weekend we have athletics at the primary school so I'm going to watch with my family. What are your plans? Thanks, Jan
Hi fans, how is the weather with you? Here it's sunny with a little cloud but the recent rain has produced more leaves so production should be high this month. Thanks, Austin
Hi everyone, this week I've been working with a team of 42 people on the rooibos field and two of the people can cut more than one ton of tea in a day! From Jan
Hi fans, this week I'm meeting with a tea expert from India called Ranjit. We're sharing tips on good tea and agricultural practice with the community and showing him around the factory. Thanks, from Fredrick
Hi fans, do you have any plans this weekend? I'm going to Blantyre to visit my elder brother and am going to check on some tea fields on the way. Enjoy the weekend, Stanford
Hi fans, we are in the new school year here at the centre. My grandson started his first year of school in January and my granddaughter her second. I can tell she enjoys it as she's always happy when she arrives home. Thanks, Victorie
Hi everyone, my plan to grow more fruit at home this year is going well. I've already harvested the grapes, apricots and plums and now I'm waiting to pick the pears, apples and pomegranates. Thanks, from Jan
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Hi fans, we have had a good amount of rain lately so we're pleased to say that leaf production has remained high. From Austin
Crafts such as cloth making form an important part of community life in Malawi. As well as being sold locally, they can be gifted to neighbouring communities as a way of building bonds.
Hi everyone, here everything is going well. We are in the rainy season but this is good news as the transplanting of tea seedlings is going on so they are strong and healthy. Are you growing any plants this year? From Stanford
Lunchtime at the children's centre in South Africa where children of tea estate workers learn and play with their friends. On today's menu: lamb with rice, vegetables and dumplings!