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Hello everyone, we've had rain recently and it looks like we will have a bumper yield of tea. Green pasture is everywhere around us and our goats and cattle are happy. From Austin
Hi fans, how are you? Last month we started a football competition for local young people and 13 teams entered. This month is the final and I've bought a trophy to give to the winning team. Thanks, Fredrick
Hi fans, I'm glad to hear from you again. At the moment we're busy planting tea and preparing fields for new harvests. We give our land break every couple of years so it doesn't become over-worked. Hope you have a good week, from Sara
Hi everyone, our kitchen garden lets everyone grow and cook their own vegetables and teaches the children as well. This week I've planted the pumpkins early as the weather's been good. Thanks, Stanford
Hi everyone, warmer weather is here so we're planting vegetables in our gardens. I also plan to plant more in my orchard where I'm growing apples and oranges. Thanks, from Jan
Hello fans, we have finished plucking for the week and are enjoying the weekend. Today we've got a meeting at Sathawa village with local children and their relatives. We’re making sure they're ready to return to school for the new week. Thanks, Stanford
Hi everyone, how are you? This week I've been supervising our usual planting projects and this weekend my wife and I are heading to plant some maize for ourselves. Thanks, Fredrick
Hello fans, how is your week going? It's very hot here but the evenings are cool. We are happy because it seems we are going to have enough rain this coming rainy season which is great for the plants. Thanks, Austin
Hi everyone, it was a lovely morning here and the cool wind is blowing nicely. Today we checked on the growth of our plants and some of them have grown to 60cm. It’s nice to see how our hard work during the winter has progressed. Thanks, from Jan
Hi fans, another busy day here! I'm fetching some planks because we are building six bridges within the community to reach a new maternity wing in our area. 'Tsiku labwino' - that means good day to all of you, from Fredrick
Hi fans, this week we had a parents' meeting to encourage our children to put effort into their education and work hard so they can become future leaders. There are 700 pupils at Lujeri school so we must make sure they're all happy. Thanks, Stanford
Hi fans, it's been a windy week here but on Tuesday we started work at the orchard house. We're spinning the blommetjies (flowers) around the growing poles and should see some nice colours soon. Enjoy the week, Sara
Hi fans, yesterday we had a useful meeting with one of our donors who is assisting us with our tea nursery. His project is donating some plants so we can fill in any small gaps. Thanks and we pass our warm greetings on to you, Fredrick
Hi fans, we're all very happy to hear that you love our tea and want to thank you for enjoying a cuppa! From Laston
Hi everyone, this week I've been tending to the one and two year old plants and Dawid's team are busy pulling out grass from around the big rooibos bushes. This means the plants can grow straight and strong. Thanks, from Jan
Hi fans, how are you? We should have a warm, sunny week this week which means it's a good time to move the plants from the nursery to the fields. Thanks, from Austin
Hi everyone, at the centre the children are busy with some examinations. They are going on holiday when they're done and while they're away we are going to work on the gardens and put in some new plants. Thanks, from Victorie
Hello fans, how is life today? Here we're all fine and work is going well. I'm proud to report that tea production has increased again and we are up 10% on last month. Thanks, Stanford.
Hello fans, happy Heritage Day to you. Today we're celebrating our local and national culture with festivals and parties with our neighbours. What are you doing this weekend? From Sara
Hello fans, how are you? Yesterday was pay day and I've just taken my family to the market to get potatoes, tomatoes and cabbages. What do you like to get when you go to the market? Thanks, from Austin