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We are trying to ensure, in our own way, that cartons not just have minimal impact on environment but also get recycled at the end of their life. #AboutTetraPak
Tetra Pak India
02/23/2017 at 06:57. Facebook
This makes it even more important for us to consume water wisely, and avoid any wastage. #GreenFact
Tetra Pak India
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Your used Tetra Pak cartons can make a difference in someone’s life. Why not choose to deposit than throwing them away. Know more: bit.ly/2kmJn0p #CartonsLeAao
Tetra Pak India
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Cartons Le Aao Classroom Banao program inaugurated! Did you start collecting and depositing your Tetra Pak Cartons? #GoGreen #Recycling #CartonsLeAao
Saving water while at home is not a big deal after all. Try out this DIY tip to #SaveThePlanet on your own merit.
Wonder what we do with the cartons we recycle? We make desks, notebooks and much more for lesser-privileged kids. #CartonsLeAao
#CartonsLeAao campaign launched in Mumbai today. Special activity with the iconic #DabbaWalas coming soon!
Mrs. Manisha Mhaiskar, Principal Sec, MoUD, Govt. of Maharashtra commits to her support for our #CartonsLeAao #ClassroomBanao campaign.
With every recycled carton, we move one step ahead towards saving a tree. Let’s make the number bigger!
A recycled paper for a recycled paper makes the air 70% cleaner
Isn’t this a shocking number? However, a lot of it could be recycled and reused with smart waste management.
10 points to the one who could suggest a really effective reminder for the same. #GreenTips
The more you recycle, the richer in knowledge they grow. Head over to to know more. #CartonsLeAao