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Sleep, diet, or exercise - Which do you think is most important for your health?

Texas A&M University Health Science Center explains the answer here: tx.ag/TAMHSC210

You Asked: Which is more important—sleep, diet or exercise? - Vital Record

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Happy Presidents' Day!

Over the past 80 years, nine U.S. Presidents have visited Texas A&M to inspire and encourage Aggies! tx.ag/PresidentsDay
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Happy Presidents' Day!

Over the past 80 years, nine U.S. Presidents have visited Texas A&M to inspire and encourage Aggies! tx.ag/PresidentsDay
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Texas A&M is proud to join South By Southwest (SXSW) for the first time to showcase the innovative work happening at our tier-one research institution!

In addition to Texas A&M exhibiting at the SXSW Trade Show, Hotel Van Zandt will serve as host venue for the “Texas A&M House,” a one-stop destination featuring groundbreaking research, innovation & global discovery throughout Interactive...
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Texas A&M at South By Southwest

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Gig 'em to the Aggies who participated in today's annual Aggie Replant Day and planted 7,500 trees in Bastrop State Park!

Aggie volunteers have teamed up with Texas A&M Forest Service to plant 45,000 trees in the Lost Pines Forest since 2013! Whoop!
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It's Opening Day in Aggieland!

Tonight, Texas A&M Baseball takes on Bowling Green in their first game of the season! #12thMan
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We've just released our full lineup of panelists and speakers for our debut at SXSW Interactive in Austin next month! tx.ag/hdehmg4

Learn even more about our programming at sxsw.tamu.edu! #TAMUatSXSW
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A Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences team conducted a difficult surgery to save the life of Ronny, a 6 year-old K-9 officer! [ Tx.ag Link ]

Ronny is now back at home recovering before he returns to his patrol with Brenham Police Department.
A good read this Valentine's Day: a handwritten love letter from 19-year-old George H. W. Bush to his fiancé and future First Lady, Barbara Pierce, while Bush was serving in World War II!

Full transcript of Pres. Bush's letter, courtesy of George Bush Presidential Library and Museum: tx.ag/BushLetter
Happy Valentine's Day, Aggies! ❤

The Century Tree was one of the first trees planted on campus and tradition states that if a couple walks under its drooping branches, they will be together forever! Share your Century Tree memories with the Aggie family below!
Some good news, just in time for Valentine's Day: kissing is actually good for your health!

Read why and learn even more kissing facts from a Texas A&M Liberal Arts professor.

MWAH! Valentine’s Facts About Kissing From Prof, Kissing Expert | Texas A&M Today

Get ready for the return of The Walking Dead tonight with a look at the real-life origins of zombies from a Texas A&M Liberal Arts professor!

In Anticipation Of “The Walking Dead” Premiere Sunday, Prof Digs Up Truths About Zombies | Texas A&M Today

Thanks and Gig ‘em to the more than 10,000 guests who visited campus this weekend for Aggieland Saturday!
Welcome to Aggieland Saturday!
Happy Opening Day, Texas A&M Softball! Gig 'em!

More details about tonight's first pitch vs. Lamar at tx.ag/JdunVCv
Did you know that the first glow-in-the-dark, Dutch-style intersection in the U.S. is located on our campus?

Read more about this intersection, designed to protect both bicyclists and pedestrians, from Fast Company! #BeFearless

Here's The First Glow-In-The-Dark Bike Lane In The U.S.

Congrats & Gig 'em to former Texas A&M Football player Martellus Bennett and the New England Patriots for winning Super Bowl LI!
Soon you will be seeing self-driving cars on Texas streets thanks to Texas A&M Transportation Institute!

Read how Texas A&M researchers are working to lead the nation in automated vehicle research: tx.ag/ZfMcpiA

Texas Designated as Automated Vehicles Proving Ground

5 years after the most destructive wildfire in Texas history, Texas A&M University - College of Agriculture and Life Sciences researchers are finding that the ecosystem's unique identity may be changing.

Read what Aggies are doing to restore & preserve life in the Lost Pines forest in the Austin American-Statesman: tx.ag/6jBOMit

Five years after historic wildfire, many Lost Pines still struggling

"Texas A&M University for decades has welcomed students, faculty and staff from countries around the globe. This is a core tenet of who we are and has enhanced our academic excellence immeasurably."