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Happy Sunday!
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Listen in at noon on 1120 AM (Austin area) or anywhere at to the "Texas Values Report with Jonathan Saenz," featuring one of the foremost movers and shakers in the fight for religious liberty in the Lone Star State.
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Update on Faith, Family and Freedom at Texas Capitol. Did you see what Gov. Abbott tweeted?!
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THIS JUST IN: Speaker Straus tells a DFW reporter he will not prevent a House vote on the Texas Privacy Act (SB 6) to keep men out of girls' restrooms.

Speaker Straus: 'No I Won't' Block Texas Bathroom Bill

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Thank you, Rep. Tom Oliverson, for doing your part to #ProtectPrivacy!

Why We Need the Texas Privacy Act

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Pastors are invited to one of a series of Regional Pastors’ Awakening Summits co-hosted by Texas Values to discover more about pending legislation in the Texas Legislature.

Locations include: Fort Worth, Midland, Amarillo, Beaumont, Houston, Center, Marshall, Lufkin, Crockett, Palestine, and Corsicana. Ask your minister to register today!

Regional Pastor Awakening Summit – Registration | Vision America Action

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Thank you, Gov. Abbott, for protecting privacy in our public school restrooms and locker rooms!
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A glimpse of things to come? Male student told by assistant principal to act "natural" in boy's locker room in which girls were also changing clothes.

And if he doesn't like it? Superintendent says "just withdraw from school and be home schooled.”

School Orders Boy to “Tolerate” Undressing with Girl and Make it “Natural”

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This attack by an atheist group on a Texas veterans memorial and on our religious heritage is outrageous. We stand ready to assist the county in any way possible.

FFRF says it strongly protests multiple crosses at Orange County Courthouse

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California has passed a law to ban travel to states that don't allow men into girls bathrooms if its considered "discrimination"; could punish student athletes and sports teams with scheduled games in Texas.

Calif. travel ban could impact some of Alamo Bowl's Pac-12 Conference games if Texas added to list

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A great summary of all the economic growth North Carolina has experienced after deciding to protect privacy via HB 2.

With bathroom bill, North Carolina economy expanding and tourism thriving

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Keep up with the nomination hearings of Supreme Court Justice nominee Neil Gorsuch via this helpful and informative page brought to you by our friends at First Liberty Institute.

Judge Neil Gorsuch: Supreme Court Nominee

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Texas Values supports giving parents greater choice on where to send their children to school. We urge the Texas Legislature to support SB 3.
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The dangers are real, as this article clearly demonstrates.

Please tell your state Representative and the leadership of the Texas House to support the Texas Privacy Act (SB 6). Click the following link to help: [ Tinyurl.com Link ]

Predators Are Taking Advantage of Target's Fitting Room Policy

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ACTION ALERT: Urge the Texas House to Support the Texas Privacy Act (SB 6).

LGBT lobbyists are boasting of a thousand people ready to descend on the Texas Capitol today specifically to fight SB 6. Your State Rep. needs to hear TODAY that you support SB 6 - common sense legislation to ensure the privacy and safety of women and children are safe in showers, bathrooms, and changing rooms in...
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Take Action: Urge the Texas House to Support the Texas Privacy Act

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