That Guy With Glasses
03/23/2017 at 19:57. Facebook
Bite into the forbidden fruit. Pluck the powerfully pungent plum from the pristine pile of planted fruits. Repercussions mean nothing. Consequences are inconsequential. Short term gain triumphs long term loss. Take what is yours now. Embrace what is here fully. Let the nectars seep from your lips and bleed from your cheeks as your teeth sink deeply into the skin of the divine. Let your spine...
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Just Breathe.
Blue Electric ⚡

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Sun-kissed ☀
"You Toucha My Body, I Slappa Your Face"
Adventures at the Waterfront with Pilar
Shinobi vs Elven Warrior

"The rarity of ones youth that dissipates all too soon, is what makes us hunger for it more."

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Butter Me Up!

"Blissfully biting bread and bashfully bouncing about"

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The Girl with the Golden Gun

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Flips and Flops, Drips and Drops
Light of Dawn ✨

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Perfectly Resolute
Trekking up mountains with Dominique Beneli Lamon
Brown Sugar.

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Sunsets & Salty Seas
Make me feel.
The African Khaleesi
Squint your eyes to see clearly, blur reality to make it real.

Model: Sarah Fischer | Ice Models Cape Town
MUA: Rio Hooper | Rio rose makeup