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Far from your average rescue home, this organisation was set up to give cats who have physical disabilities, special needs, are terminally…

The special sanctuary where love really is blind. – Chilled Cat

Bonfire Night is just around the corner, but while we may enjoy the festivities and fireworks during this annual event, the feline members…

Sound sensitivity and fireworks – Chilled Cat

Purrrrrfect Halloween
Time for a halloween treat fellow cat lovers, in the form of a new puntastic colouring in page! Here's Meowchael Jackson's Furrilla!
Click on the link below, download the colouring in page from my website, grab your pencils and enjoy!!!!

[ Katierubyillustration.com Link ]
Happy Halloween!
Happy Halloween "That Purple Cat" Peoples.
On behalf of the evil one that resides at my home... Sir Tobias-Lucifer the 3rd!
One of my MOST favorite photos. Miss Kitty is in search of Higher Learning !
Now in it’s 4th year, National Black Cat Day was set up by the UK rescue and rehoming charity Cats Protection to raise awareness of the…

Changing perceptions: an ode to the black cat

It was a cloudless full moon, perfect for hunting. Minky prepared mentally for the task ahead, going through a checklist of preparations before setting out. Sharp claws, check. No sign of foxes, check. Knapsack with good girl milky drops, check. She was just about to set out when she caught sight of one of her subjects and let out a loud passive aggressive meow, whereby her bowl was promptly...
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Tita, posando por unica vez para la camara :) hermosa ????
My Natasha ❤
A punderful world of cats 2017 Calendar is now available on my shop [ Katierubyillustration.com Link ]
A Purrfect present for a feline fanatic this Christmas!
The internet, let’s be honest. can be a pretty boring place. Most websites are made up of two or three colours, excluding images, and black…

Tabby Cat — A Google Chrome Extension – Chilled Cat

With the amount of homeless cats on the rise, we thought we’d find out from Cat’s Protection — a brilliant charity dedicated to rehoming…

Nicky Trevorrow From Cat’s Protection Charity Interview

Clapham Common Underground station replaces all its adverts with pictures of cats.

#CatsNotAds delights commuters – Chilled Cat

The family home is constantly evolving. You may decide to have another baby or build an extension but whatever it is, it’s likely these…

Feeling guilty about your stressed cat? We have a solution. – Chilled Cat

It’s an exciting moment when you bring your new kitten or cat home. The first few weeks, however, are critical when introducing a cat to a…

How To Introduce Your New Cat To A Feline Family Member – Chilled Cat

Are your cats running amok around the house? Have you got two cats that just won’t stop fighting each other? This week we’ve spoken to our…

An introduction to Pheromonatherapy — Chilled Cat