"The Very Best of Richie", out November 27, available for pre-order now [ 12th.ma Link ].
I'm going to be opening for Australia this summer... no not the cricket...
"The Very Best of Richie", out now [ 12th.ma Link ].
I've been flattened by the news of Max "No wonder they call him Tangles" Walker's passing.

Like Richie Benaud and Tony Greig, I consider him as one of "my guys" which, I guess, is a little strange given that I haven't had all that much direct contact with him in recent years.

But they feel very close to me. Big Maxy has been a huge part of my life and career. It's very sad to lose him,...
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Max Walker dies, 12th Man tribute: Billy Birmingham says goodbye to Big Maxy

As Rio draws to a close, letโ€™s remember โ€œthe best games everโ€ in Sydney with โ€œBruce 2000โ€ as Mr. McAvaney captures all the excitement of the Sydney Olympic games in 2000. [ 12th.ma Link ]

The 12th Man - Bruce 2000 - A Special Tribute

With The Caltex Socceroos playing England this weekend, I thought it would be timely to re-live that legendary victory the Ausies had over the Poms way back in 1993, when our team was made up of many players of European heritage.

Hear Ian 'Bear" Maurice introducing the highlights package of that fabulous win. Aussie striker Bruce Fucofyabic was the star [ 12th.ma Link ]

Listen To The Audio

Well it's that time of year again - New Zealand and the Aussies playing the annual rugby league Test. And for me that means another chance to muck around with those very long and complicated Kiwi names.

I put this Rabs Warren sketch together for Triple M Sydney today. Check it out [ 12th.ma Link ]

"Rabs" - 2016 NZ Rugby League Test Team Changes

Was invited into the SCG commentary box for the very first time... couldn't help but start calling a game.

Watch the full video here [ 12th.ma Link ]

My First Time Inside The SCG Commentary Box

Desperately sad news about the passing of the great Martin Crowe.

One of the very best, taken away too soon. RIP mate.
It's marvellous to see 501 Richie's attending the SCG Test today. Wherever you are be sure to give choo (2) almighty cheers at choo chwenty choo (2.22) for the late, great Richie Benaud. The Today Show gave them a great plug too! #Day2RichieDay
How about this for an idea! At exactly choo chwenty choo (2.22) on Day choo (day 2) of the SCG Test, we give choo (2) almighty cheers for the late, great Richie Benaud!!

Day choo is "Richie Day" when everyone dons the cream, bone, white etc., and silver wigs to be "Richie" for a day! Marvellous idea that. C'mon Channel 9 and Cricket Australia. Let's do this. Spread the word. #day2richieday
Had a really good yarn with Hamish McLachlan from the Sunday Herald Sun in Melbourne. Have a read if you want - let's face it, there's fuck all cricket to watch!! 'Aussies Break Windies!' should be the headline!
Celebrating the launch of the new album โ€˜The Very Best of Richieโ€™ with a few friends.

Here I am with James Dixon Barnes, a great mate and a huge help to me for a long time.

We have often been fighting for top honours in the album charts over the years. Iโ€™ve knocked him off and heโ€™s knocked me off the No. 1 spot at various times.

Iโ€™ve just bullshitted to him that I kindly and graciously gave...
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"The Very Best of Richie", out now [ 12th.ma Link ].
Had a fun chat with A Current Affair in the central commentary position...

The Very Best of Richie is out Friday but is available for pre-order here [ 12th.ma Link ]
Marvellous score that...
"The Very Best of Richie", out November 27, available for pre-order now [ 12th.ma Link ].
To all my fans and followers, it is with some degree of sadness that I announce that The 12th Man is finally hanging up his microphone and retiring.

On November 27, I am releasing my last ever 12th Man recording, a 2CD set of some of my all time favourite โ€˜Richie bitsโ€™ on a double album tribute to the great man called โ€œThe Very Best of Richieโ€, available for pre order now [ 12th.ma Link ]

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By gee! By jingo! By crikey!....Happy days with Gibbo on the Back Page.
Can't believe we've lost the great Mike "Gibbo" Gibson who I've just learned has passed away today. A terrific journo over many years, an excellent TV presenter and an even better bloke. So thankful to have known him. Rest peacefully old friend.