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If you had to define the 1990s by using only one movie, what would it be?

Get outta here, 10 Things I Hate About You: 10 movies that embody the ’90s
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While color has always been an integral part of food photography, the latest trend is using it to achieve a celestial quality.

The rise of gorgeous, vaguely terrifying “Lisa Frankenfoods”
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The ads—which erroneously thank Republican lawmakers for "replacing the Affordable Care Act"—reportedly ran during March Madness this evening.

Cocky conservative PACs accidentally ran their “We beat Obamacare” ads tonight
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Aside from the “holy-shit-can-you-believe-the-man-in-the-Oval-Office-actually-said-that” quality of the statement, it also egregiously copies Chase’s famous Weekend Update sign-off.

Donald Trump’s SNL joke theft isn’t lost on Seth Meyers
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Schemers beware: The Canadien and The Canuck are on the prowl!

Stan Lee’s failed hockey superheroes are at the center of a $500k lawsuit
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Alongside the other four members of the League, Cyborg now has his own trailer teaser for the movie.

Cyborg joins his Justice League pals in new promos
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The two affable actors will star in a musical film that Gordon-Levitt will also direct.

Channing Tatum and Joseph Gordon-Levitt launch charm offensive in new musical
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This week, our film staffers are talking about Malick’s new Austin-set love triangle, Song To Song, and why it tried their patience more than the filmmaker’s other recent work.
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Ethics watchdogs have already pointed out that, prefaced with a disclaimer or not, it’s still illegal for Mnuchin to encourage anybody to see a movie he has a financial stake in.

U.S. Treasury Secretary criticized for telling Americans to see movie he produced
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Here's what you should be watching, listening to, reading, and playing this weekend.

6 things to watch, listen to, read, and play this weekend
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Co-creator Dave Erickson will be the rare human being to make it out of the Walking Dead universe alive.

Fear The Walking Dead showrunner departs for greener, less zombie-filled pastures
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We'll all have to find some other way to kill the hours while pretending to "work".

Google is killing Gchat
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The Spirit Of The Beehive finally captures its more experimental, ambitious tendencies, even if it doesn’t always work.

With Pleasure Suck, The Spirit Of The Beehive reinvents itself
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"You know, I was actually thinking, is there going to be a backlash and people will think, ‘Fuck you guys for that!’"

Game Of Thrones’ showrunners also thought that ice block bit was silly
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Jones aired a pre-taped statement on his show earlier today, saying, in essence, that he and his staff have concluded that the “Pizzagate” theory is indeed as baseless as it sounds.

Alex Jones actually kind of apologized for “Pizzagate”
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The From Dusk Till Dawn and Sin City director will attempt to fill John Carpenter's shoes on Fox's remake of the dystopian classic.

Robert Rodriguez to direct the Escape From New York remake
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New York Magazine attributes the popularity of Millennial Pink to the blurring of gender roles in the 21st century.

Read This: A cultural history of “Millennial Pink,” the Instagram-ready hue of our age
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In a tweet, Silverman said the now-President “asked [comedian and Roastmaster] Jeff Ross if [her] tits were real,” noting that “they are,” not that it’s Trump’s—or anyone’s—business.

Sarah Silverman says Donald Trump once “asked Jeff Ross if [her] tits were real”