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English classes, cooking lessons, even yoga sessions... As competition between schools intensifies, perks for parents are seen as an important point of difference.

'We don't enrol a student, we enrol the family'
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The Malcolm Turnbull government wants to use community groups to help it wage war on the pest to save native animals.

How the government plans to cull 2 million feral cats
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EXCLUSIVE Lak Quach was renowned for his 'exceptional palate'. Now, the Melbourne man is accused of pilfering $300,000 worth of wine from his employer and on-selling it at a discount.

How a love of fine wine could have been this expert's undoing
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COMMENT Bill Shorten MP is trying to keep alive all the key policy issues that got him so close to winning last year's election.

How Bill Shorten is wedging Malcolm Turnbull at our expense
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EXCLUSIVE: Melbourne-based Ramos Cleaning Services holds lucrative Daniel Andrews government contracts to clean 18 public schools across the city.

'Massive wage theft': School cleaning contractor faces investigation
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Theatre critic Cameron Woodhead attended the full 12-hour White Night Melbourne for the fifth consecutive year. Here's what he thought.

Twelve hours of traipsing amid an ocean of people
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Donald J. Trump implied that a terror attack had occurred in Sweden. This was news to the Swedish.

'What has he been smoking?' Sweden asks US to please explain
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I get emails from people from all over the world, saying this could be my school here in Mexico City; I think it's a book that could happen anywhere.'

Big Little Lies author urges readers to give Nicole Kidman TV series a chance
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'Over the course of four days I literally did not meet a single North American economist who thought that anything good for the US was going to come out of the Trump administration.'

What if the nerds are reading Donald Trump right?
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COMMENT: It's about time we let teachers use rulers for their intended purpose instead of forcing overly conservative dress standards on kids.

Hey schools, ditch the dopey dresses and neck nooses
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It's a fair bet Australian children will need to know if they are to reach the economic independence many of their parents take for granted.

What is a smart kid in the age of the smart machine?
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Some people 'would like nothing more than for the Williams sisters, Serena in particular, to pack up their rackets and go away.'

Serena Williams' demented detractors
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He really doesn't seem to place a lot of interest in what people tell him who know what they're doing in the area of national security.'

President Donald Trump struggles to fill jobs when total loyalty is a must
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Refugee advocates say about 80 detainees will be able to keep their phones as a result of the temporary injunction imposed by the court on Sunday.

Court orders halt to Border Force phone confiscation plans
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A 43-year-old man from Shepparton was shot at a property in Ferguson Road in nearby Tatura on Saturday afternoon, police said.

One man dead, another facing criminal charges after Tatura shooting
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'My mental pain was unbearable. I wanted the world to know of it. So, I took the risk to tell everything about the torture to the journalists.'

Three Rohingya spoke out over atrocities. One is dead. The remaining two tell us their story.
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'These policies are inconsistent with Australian values and beliefs and we should not welcome him here.'

'Red card, not red carpet': prominent Aussies oppose Israeli PM's visit
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The 63-Test Wallaby is understood to have died on Saturday night. It is believed there were no suspicious circumstances.

Dan Vickerman dead: Rugby in shock as former Wallaby dies aged 37
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'I am bringing the banks regularly before the house economics committee and they are being held to account for their actions and you will see results.'

Malcolm Turnbull claims credit for credit card interest rate cuts
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COMMENT: Donald Trump's unhinged behaviour, as in his erratic press conference on Thursday, ensures that the President's mental state is the stuff of debate.

'Unmoored and unglued': Americans take an anxious journey to the centre of Donald Trump's mind