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02/17/2017 at 18:27. Facebook
The ALS Association needs your help passing the #ALS Disability Insurance Act (S.379/ H.R. 1171)! The bills eliminate the 5 month waiting period for Social Security Disability Insurance and Medicare.

Check to see if your Senators and Representatives have already co-sponsored the Senate and House versions. If they have not, please ask them to do so.

Ask your Senator to co-sponsor S. 379. ...
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The ALS Association
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If the #ALS Disability Insurance Access Act passes, this would waive the Social Security Disability Insurance five-month waiting period. However, we need your support to make it happen! Learn more about this legislation and stay tuned for details on how you can help advocate on behalf of people living with ALS: [ Link ]

ALS Disability Insurance Access Act Introduced
The ALS Association
02/17/2017 at 17:00. Facebook
Dr. Ozlinder’s team Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine further solidifies upper motor neuron contribution to #ALS. The ALS Association is proud to support their studies! Find out more! [ Link ]

Upper Motor Neurons Contribute to ALS in Human Brain Tissue
The ALS Association
02/16/2017 at 15:51. Facebook
We held another ALS Listening Tour in January to hear questions and comments from the #ALS community. You can check out some of the questions and answers in our latest blog post: [ Link ]

Highlights from Our January Listening Tour
The ALS Association
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At this year’s Leadership Conference, The ALS Association recognized heroes within our community. During the luncheon, several individuals living with ALS were honored for how they inspire others: [ Link ]

2017 ALS Association Leadership Conference Filled with Inspiration and Innovation
The ALS Association
02/15/2017 at 19:26. Facebook
With support from Senator Tom Cotton, Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, Bill Nelson, Lisa Murkowski and House sponsors Peter King and Congressman Seth Moulton, The ALS Association is proud to announce the reintroduction of the #ALS Disability Insurance Access Act. Find out more and see how you can be an advocate: [ Link ]

Congressional Champions to Re-Introduce Legislation to Waive 5 Month SSDI Wait
The ALS Association
02/14/2017 at 18:51. Facebook
Be on the lookout this week for Senator Tom Cotton & Senator Sheldon Whitehouse to introduce, with support from Bill Nelson, Lisa Murkowski, the #ALS Disability Insurance Access Act. Identical bill to be introduced in House by Peter King and Congressman Seth Moulton. This bill waives the 5-month waiting period for people living with ALS to receive SSDI benefits. Get more details here: [
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Congressional Champions to Re-Introduce Legislation to Waive 5 Month SSDI Wait
The ALS Association
02/13/2017 at 15:12. Facebook
Neuraltus Pharmaceuticals, Inc., is currently enrolling individuals with ALS and evidence of systemic inflammation in a second Phase 2 study of its investigational treatment NP001. This second Phase 2 study (NCT02794857) is a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, multicenter study in North America. For more information, please visit [ Link ]

Neuraltus Pharmaceuticals is Now Enrolling in Phase 2 Trial of NP001
The ALS Association helped support a clinical trial for a drug that enhances speech and swallowing for people living with ALS. Read the results of this hope-inspiring trial: [ Link ]

Nuedexta Trial Demonstrates Promising Results Impacting Bulbar Function in ALS Patients
Last night, during the biggest college basketball rivalry game of the year, coaches from Duke and UNC's helped raise ALS awareness on a national stage.

Duke, UNC Coaches Unite to Raise Awareness of ALS
The biggest rivalry in college basketball takes on extra special meaning tonight, as the coaches for both the UNC Tar Heels and the Duke Blue Devils will be raising awareness of ALS! The coaches are honoring Jeff Capel, Jr., who was recently diagnosed with ALS. His son, Jeff, III, played at Duke and is an assistant coach on the team, and his son, Jason, played at UNC. Our thoughts are with the...
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Duke, UNC Coaches Unite to Raise Awareness of ALS
Support San Diego State University Athletics Coach Steve Fisher by casting your vote for him in the INFINITI Coaches' Charity Challenge. Let’s get Coach Fisher to round 3! Vote today & every day:

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Today, The ALS Association awarded nearly $1 million for two contracts to develop new therapies against #ALS, including funding for research at Johns Hopkins Medicine, in collaboration with Karyopharm Therapeutics and University of Pittsburgh, that holds promise for treating the most common genetic cause of ALS. These research awards are made possible by support from our donors, and from The...
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Nearly $1 Million Awarded in Drug Development Contracts for New ALS Therapeutic Strategies
The ALS Association celebrates the Barnett family for decades of contributions to #ALS research by renaming the TREAT ALS™ drug development program in their honor. Check out our blog post to learn more: [ Link ]

The Barnett Family Legacy Honored with Naming of New Drug Development Program
Check out this upcoming webinar on anti-inflammatory treatment for ALS hosted by our partner Northeast ALS Consortium (NEALS):

PALS Webinar Reminder: Actemra Study - Anti-inflammatory treatment for ALS
After a year and a half of research and collaboration, The ALS Association is excited to announce an updated Living With #ALS manual series, featuring new content for people living with ALS, their family members and caregivers, healthcare professionals, and our chapters. See the 11 topic areas the series will cover: [ Link ]

Announcing the Updated Living with ALS Resource Guide Series
With over 20 active #ALS clinical trials happening right now, it’s an exciting time for research! Thanks to our generous donors, The ALS Association is able to support many of the trials.
Don’t forget to vote for San Diego State University Coach Steve Fisher in the INFINITI USA Coaches' Charity Challenge. This cause is close to Fisher’s heart as he has a son who is battling #ALS. [ Link ]

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“My motivation is that my dad has had the disease for 38 years. As I am only 29 years old, I never knew anything else but ALS in my life. That is the reason I am a driving force for my organization and I advocate for ALS patients.” – Evy Reviers, #ALS Leader. Find out how Evy is contributing to the fight against ALS: [ Link ]

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Radboud University professor and #ALS Assistive Tech winner Dr. Desain put a novel spin on old assistive technology. Check out his work and learn more about how his research is benefiting people living with #ALS: [ Link ]

NoiseTag BCI is the Assistive Technology of the Future