Dream Big Film will give a voice to engineering professionals all over the world, and now we know just what that voice will sound like. Jeff Bridges, Academy Award-winning actor, has been announced as the narrator of Dream Big!

Big Name, Big Voice Signs On as Dream Big Narrator | ASCE News

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When it opened in 1909, the Queensboro Bridge had the 2 longest steel cantilever spans in the world - 360 meters (1,182 feet) from Manhattan to Blackwell's Island and 299 meters (984 feet) from Blackwell's Island to Queens. #ThrowbackThursday #ASCEHistoricCivilEngineeringLandmark
ASCE 7-16 features new wind-speed maps, updated seismic site coefficient tables, and the nation's first consensus-based standard for tsunami resilience. The International Code Council, according to preliminary voting results, has adopted ASCE 7-16 as a reference standard in the 2018 International Building Code!

ICC Vote Points to ASCE 7-16 Adoption as Reference Standard | ASCE News

The new Queensferry Crossing in Scotland will have 3.5m-high baffle barriers, which have been modeled in a wind tunnel and tested on nearby sections of road, to "break up and deflect gusts of wind." Check it out!

Could a windshield keep the new Forth bridge open? - BBC News

Engineers solve some of society's greatest challenges. Dream Big Film will celebrate engineering and bring the work that engineers do into the spotlight! Here are 5 ways the movie will make a difference in how engineering is perceived: [ Ow.ly Link ].
Dutch Railways' electric trains run entirely on wind energy. What do you think of the model?

Dutch Railways' Electric Trains Now Run On 100% Wind Energy

Win a trip to the world premiere of Dream Big Film, the giant-screen movie about engineering, in Washington D.C. at the National Air and Space Museum, Smithsonian Institution! Enter here: [ Ow.ly Link ].
Resilience is "the ability to suffer less damage and recover more quickly from adverse events." As more organizations launch resiliency efforts, here's what structural engineers need to know about how it will impact the work they do.

STRUCTURE magazine | What Structural Engineers Need to Know about Resilience

7 mega-projects set to transform the city of New York as we know it.

7 billion-dollar mega-projects that will transform New York City by 2035

Civil engineering is among the 10 highest paying majors 5 years out of college, according to an analysis by Glassdoor!

Tech Majors Pay Highest For College Grads

The history behind the John A. Roebling Suspension Bridge and the remarkable engineer who designed it!

How the suspension bridge became our icon

How a robust self-equilibrating steel frame enabled engineers to conduct a series of seismic tests on earthquake-damaged concrete structural members.

Structural Test Uses Self-Equilibrating Frame | ASCE

The Falkirk Wheel is the world's first and only rotating boat lift, used to connect the Forth & Clyde and Union canals in central Scotland. See it and other engineering marvels in Dream Big Film, premiering February 17!
A look at the Sydney Harbour Bridge's intricate steel arch trusses! #ASCEHistoricCivilEngineeringLandmark
A look at the technical construction behind the Atlanta Falcons stadium's kinetic roof, which will have 8 movable parts that open and close like an oculus!

Fixed Mega-Roof of Atlanta's Mercedes-Benz Stadium Spanning on Its Own

With your help, we can reduce infrastructure life cycle costs by 50% by 2025 and foster the optimization of infrastructure for society! Are you in on the #ASCEGrandChallenge? Take the pledge: [ Ascegrandchallenge.com Link ].
More and more, engineers must supplement their technical know-how with soft skills in order to get ahead in their careers. Read more insights on what it takes to become an engineering leader: [ Ow.ly Link ].
The entertaining and insightful things kids say when collaboratively designing a bridge.
A: We have to remind ourselves about budget costs.
B: Yeah, but...how about we cross that bridge when we come to it?
#FutureEngineers #DreamBigFilm
5 key issues that dominated the civil engineering profession in 2016. What topics or issues do you expect to be critical to the industry in 2017?

5 Issues Dominating the Civil Engineering Profession | ASCE News