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When the Erie Canal is frozen and its towpath covered in snow, travelers still get around in Pittsford, New York thanks to structures like the State Street Bridge. See more stunning photos in the Bridges 2017 calendar: [ Ow.ly Link ].
Help pass the WIIN Act, a bill that will fund critical water infrastructure projects around the nation! From providing aid to replace lead pipes in Flint, Michigan to rehabilitating high-hazard dams, find out why the bill is so important, and send a message to your Senators today: [ Goo.gl Link ].

Water Infrastructure Bill is a Win for America | U.S. House of Representatives

The out-of-use Reading Viaduct in Philadelphia is being preserved and redeveloped into an elevated park complete with seating that resembles porch stoops and swings reminiscent of neighborhood backyards. Check it out!

Philadelphia Turns Unused Rail Spur into Multifunctional Park | ASCE

Scientists have decoded the kinetic properties of cement and developed a way to "program" the microscopic, semicrystalline particles within, making the material less porous and more durable. The development could lead to stronger structures that require less concrete!

Decoding cement's shape promises greener concrete: Scientists develop 'programmable' cement particles to attain enhanced properties

From zero-emission electric buses to bus rapid transit and self-driving mini buses, meet the high-tech buses looking to change the face of public transit.

Why the Bus Might be the Future of Transportation

The Antarctic research station “Halley was designed and engineered specifically to be re-located in response to changes in the ice." Now that a crack has developed in the East Antarctic ice sheet, that's exactly what's about to happen. Take a look!

Antarctic Crack Threatens Scientific Research Station

"Worldwide, natural disasters claimed 1.3 million lives between 1992 and 2012, with earthquakes accounting for 60% of disaster deaths in low and middle income countries, where the preponderance of sub-standard housing increases the risks." Here are 3 ways to mitigate damage caused by natural disasters.

Let’s build the infrastructure that no hurricane can erase

How engineers conducted a comprehensive wind study of the Robert F. Kennedy Bridge to ensure that it responds to wind events in a predictable manner.

STRUCTURE magazine | Robert F. Kennedy Bridge

The engineering behind the new earthquake-resistant bridge near Seattle’s SR99 tunnel project!

The engineering behind the new earthquake-proof bridge near Seattle’s SR99 tunnel project

A look at the United States’s bridges, electrical grid, pipelines, railroads, airports and waterways

Six maps that show the anatomy of America’s vast infrastructure

These floating plazas in West Palm Beach will be supported by air-filled chambers that can admit or expel water to keep them stable as live loads change with the number of visitors. They'll be used for outdoor auditoriums, pools, parks, and restaurants!

Design Firm Redefines Florida Park with Floating Plazas | ASCE

Dream Big Film tells the heartfelt story of the human ingenuity behind engineering marvels. It will feature real engineers like you, working on real projects making a difference around the world. See how the film will inspire countless students to pursue engineering careers, and find out how you can join the Dream Big movement: [ Goo.gl Link ].
Aarhus in Denmark is on its way to becoming "the first [city] in the world to provide most of its citizens with fresh water using only the energy created from household wastewater and sewage." Take a look!

World’s first city to power its water needs with sewage energy

The San Francisco–Oakland Bay Bridge glows on still waters in the Bridges 2017 calendar: [ Ow.ly Link ]. This portion of the structure, known as the West Bay crossing, comprises 2 end-to-end suspension bridges, with a 2,310 ft main span.
ASCE is celebrating bridges year-round with the Bridges 2017 calendar: [ Ow.ly Link ]. Photo by: Ana Filipa Scarpa
Increasingly, civil engineers are being asked to go beyond their technical contributions to help bring in new business and increase the bottom line at their firm. To that end, here are 5 business development tips from an engineering career coach: [ Ow.ly Link ].
"Taking [a] life cycle perspective is really important because it allows you to understand how investments in hazard mitigation are going to pay off over time," says Jeremy Gregory, Ph.D. His research has revealed that in certain coastal areas of the U.S., builders can spend as much as 9% of construction costs on resiliency features and still break even.

Robust Structural Systems Pay Off in Natural Disasters | ASCE

The Memorial Bridge in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, is being equipped with a turbine system and an array of sensors unlocking new insights around weather, traffic and the environment. Check it out!

New Hampshire's 'living bridge' to harness power of the tides, unlock sensor data

ASCE is celebrating bridges year-round with the Bridges 2017 calendar: [ Ow.ly Link ]. Photo by: Ana Filipa Scarpa
Delight in photos of 7 of the tallest skyscrapers in the United States!

7 of the Tallest Skyscrapers in the United States