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There were more skyscrapers built in 2016 than any previous year.

10 Fascinating Facts About the World’s Tallest Buildings Constructed in 2016
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Treat people like this, and what's the consequence? You become President of the United States.

The Nightmare Client: Donald Trump's Architect Speaks Out on the President's Rogue Tactics
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Alex Hogrefe provides his rules for the perfect composition, so you can go ahead and break them!

The Art of Rendering: 7 Rules for Composing Powerful Architectural Perspectives
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"Again: I'm not a fascist!" says Schumacher, principal at Zaha Hadid Architects. What do you think?

Fighting Talk: Patrik Schumacher on Fierce Debates, Facebook and the Future of Zaha Hadid Architects
In all its itemized glory… #7 took a lot of courage to include.

Inside An Architect's Bag
Which tree are you erecting this holiday season? (NB: I will judge your architectural worthiness based purely on your answer)
The strength of any great fictional universe is defined by a visually rich built environment, so it is no surprise that film sets like this are subjects of c...

The Architecture of “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story”