The Animals
The Animals
06/18/2017 at 04:10. Facebook
"24 Hours later @EricBurdon rocks it from @MontereyPop50 to @HardRockCasinoV"
"24 Hours later EricBurdon rocks it from MontereyPop50 to HardRockCasinoV"

24 Minutes with Eric Burdon
Kirk Perry
Eva Marie Szekely
David Michael Tripper Swaine
The Animals
The Animals
06/16/2017 at 01:34. Facebook
Get ready for Monterey International Pop Festival- Celebrates 50 Years by listening to the top tracks from each artist on the lineup. See you in Monterey! #MontereyPop50
The Animals 06/16/2017

Monterey International Pop Festival – Celebrates 50 Years (2017), a playlist by Monterey Pop Festival on Spotify
Kurt Frei
Hilda Estrada
Ericburdon Love
Newly remastered!

Available now on 180g clear vinyl: [ Link ]
Newly remastered 

Available now on 180g clear vinyl
Ray Morris
Marissa Chavez
Moe Hardcastle
Stop Now. What's That Sound?

What's going down is the excitement in the air for Eric Burdon's birthday.

In the spirit of "We've Got to Get Out of This Place" and "Sky Pilot," in which he used music to challenge the status quo, Eric is offering a streaming only sneak preview of his newly recorded - "magnificent" - version of Buffalo Springfield's 1966 protest anthem,
"For What It's Worth,"...
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Stop Now Whats That Sound Whats going down is the excitement in

Eric Burdon - For What It's Worth - Baked 5 10 2017
Ian King
Edward Saulnier
Сергій Маркович
"Every movement has to have a song. That's what music's meant for."
- Eric Burdon

Songs that Defined History..."We've Gotta Get Out of This Place" - as urgent a message as ever. Tonight Eric Burdon is part of #Soundtracks, on CNN's new series from Dwayne The Rock Johnson, to discuss the Vietnam War on the Kent State Anniversary.
Tune in 10pm PST/EST

"Those who cannot...
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Alfredo Torres
Galen Strickland
Alfredo Torres
Just 3 days until Eric Burdon's Birthday Bash at Libbey Bowl - Ojai, California!
Here's a sneak preview of his last appearance and what's to come...

Tickets: [ Link ]
Geneva Llewellyn
Phil Kerr
Sabine Bühring
Mike Morrison
Martin Feltham
Ruth DeLeavey
Gerry Lynas
Ernesto Deutschland
Dear friends and supporters of Eric Burdon and the Animals-

Just wanted to give you the heads up, in case you hadn't heard, that Eric Burdon, after touring the world, playing to sold out venues and receiving great reviews, is bringing it all back to California, to his adopted hometown of Ojai.
In just over two weeks, on Saturday, May 6th, don't miss the chance to see a giant of the British...
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Dear friends and supporters of Eric Burdon and the Animals

Eric Burdon and The Animals
Sue Hardy
Topsy Turner
Jane Ochs
Without Chuck Berry, there would be no Rock and Roll. No Lennon, no Dylan.
To say he was Rock and Roll's original poet is an understatement.
He was the poet of our time who made all the others possible.
Hail hail, Chuck Berry....
The Animals 03/19/2017
Christopher Preston
Steve Janeczko
David Piller
With the arrival of 'Kong: Skull Island' less than two weeks away, the final trailer for new blockbuster about the behemoth ape has been unleashed.
The Animals 03/17/2017

See King Kong Punch Helicopters in Final 'Skull Island' Trailer
Bill Malatesta
Becky Garner
Gramdad Brian
Dear Music Lovers-

It is our great pleasure to announce the long-awaited return performance by the legendary Eric Burdon and the Animals at the Ojai Libbey Bowl, on May 6, 2017 in support of CADA (Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse).

Some of you may have already witnessed Eric’s Animal magnetism on stage. This time, Eric will perform with his new, wild band of Animals, featuring Ojai's...
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Dear Music Lovers It is our great pleasure to announce the longawaited
John Boorman
Gayle Smith
Wendi Chan
Last day of our tour... All sold out shows!
Thank you all for coming out to support us.
Hope to see you in Ojai May 6th.
Last day of our tour All sold out shows
Kenneth Heller
Robyn Cynthia Richardson
Pattie Boyd Akerberg
George Kirkpatrick
Leland Fortner
Rachel O'Connor
Eric Burdon Micky Dolenz Flower Power Cruise
Eric Burdon Micky Dolenz Flower Power Cruise
Jim St. John
Daniel Carvalho
Anna Paea
Aliza Garshowitz-Legge
David Kalus
Wendy Mcgrath
Ellen Breuer
Ben Stone
Randall Thomasson
Soyla Rivera
Nicola Sinclair
Susanne Burney
Kicked off Year of the Rooster tour with this new design modeled by beautiful fan Britney!
Kicked off Year of the Rooster tour with this new design modeled by beautiful fan Britney
BJ Smith
Ell Marree
Colin Biggs
Penelope Adams
Jackie Jenkins
Daniela D'Orazio