The Animals
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Without Chuck Berry, there would be no Rock and Roll. No Lennon, no Dylan.
To say he was Rock and Roll's original poet is an understatement.
He was the poet of our time who made all the others possible.
Hail hail, Chuck Berry....
The Animals
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With the arrival of 'Kong: Skull Island' less than two weeks away, the final trailer for new blockbuster about the behemoth ape has been unleashed.

See King Kong Punch Helicopters in Final 'Skull Island' Trailer
Dear Music Lovers-

It is our great pleasure to announce the long-awaited return performance by the legendary Eric Burdon and the Animals at the Ojai Libbey Bowl, on May 6, 2017 in support of CADA (Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse).

Some of you may have already witnessed Eric’s Animal magnetism on stage. This time, Eric will perform with his new, wild band of Animals, featuring Ojai's...
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Last day of our tour... All sold out shows!
Thank you all for coming out to support us.
Hope to see you in Ojai May 6th.
Eric Burdon Micky Dolenz Flower Power Cruise
Kicked off Year of the Rooster tour with this new design modeled by beautiful fan Britney!
Eric Burdon is about to hit the road for two shows in the Seattle area. A local writer caught with him for an interview and here’s that story and a quote...

"Eric Burdon wishes he had some fantastical story to tell about some trade secret — what exercise he's done, what elixir he's imbibed — to keep one of the most recognizable voices in rock up to standard over more than a...
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Eric Burdon still singing for peace
In response to the San Francisco Chronicle's article about the Summer of Love concert:

In a case of colliding worlds, the Summer of Love crashed into the Fake News trend with this week's announcement that Eric Burdon and War were to headline a now-cancelled anniversary festival in San Francisco this June. The City of San Francisco pulled event organizer Boots Hughston's permits due to his...
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Free Summer of Love concert canceled by city
Dishwalla showcased a bit of my art for the cover of their new album “Juniper Road”, photographed at the entrance of my Joshua Tree house where the album was recorded. I'm proud of my boy Justin, an old friend and the lead singer! Justin's daughter is on the floor still deciding whether she likes it or not...
I'm really diggin' the tunes from "Juniper Road." Well done guys!

Taking a minute to reflect on the years past and getting ready to welcome 2017!
Happy New Year everyone!
Wishing you and your loved ones all the best in health, happiness and prosperity in the new year and peace on earth. Keep rockin'
The WE ARE NOT AFRAID campaign has been established in response to the global refugee crisis and victims of religious and political violence. Please support ...

We Are Not Afraid - Long Form Video by Bob Gruen

The WE ARE NOT AFRAID campaign has been established in response to the global refugee crisis and victims of religious and political violence. Please support ...

As #EricBurdon and his band head towards Las Vegas for their final gig of the year, we would like to take a minute to thank you all for your constant support and for the love you show to Eric in his endeavors.
Day 3 here at Wolf Trap! Thank you all for coming!