Busy being a Billy no mates in #Starbucks… People watching and prepping the print file for one of my biggest images yet! This ones going to be printed extra big as there is so many details it has to be HUGE!!! Full reveal coming soon. P.S. IT’S MY BIRTHDAY TOMORROW!! Send cake!
"There's something out there waiting for us, and it ain't no man.”
WIP peep number 2. Spent a LOT of time on leaves and jungle things. I really wanted to capture the humid, dense, dark jungle atmosphere from the PREDATOR movie.Been very busy on many projects lately, so loads to reveal soon Also! I am busy editing together my biggest youtube video to date. A full start to finish painting...
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You’re one ugly mother…..
One of the many amazing aspects of my job is the nostalgia and nod to my childhood dreams of working on some of my all time favourite franchises. I remember seeing #Predator when I was 8 years old. All the boys in primary school were talking about it and after much demanding, my father caved and rented it from the video store. I was so excited!! I remember popping the...
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A few months back I had the pleasure of doing a design for Monster Press - UK T-shirt Printing These guys are top of the game when it comes to T-shirt printing and I’m honoured to have done their new Sample T-shirt design. Heres a look at the pencils & inks before scanning and colouring, then separating the colours into 8 layers for screen printing! Got a little carried away with the details...
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Pencils and inks are finito!Detail shots incoming… *Disclaimer* I noticed from previous posts that some people have strong opinions and concerns regarding artwork of this nature. I respect your views and opinions and would just like to clarify that this is a commission and art like this is simply fun to draw. No subliminal messages or anything sinister going on here. Honest! Prints available...
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⭐Last week in Spain I was able to lock myself away and get grinding on a number of projects. Some dark… some light.. Heres a peep at me working on one of the Light ones! Basic pencils and inks going down here. Fun in the sun! ☀
'Portal' A little throwback to something I did years back for Iron Fist. I don't usually like to "mirror" images, but sometimes for T-Shirt designs like this it works nicely. Much love
Here's the finished art work for “The Cicada Tree” the upcoming album from the West Virginian metal band Byzantine. Check out some documentaries on Youtube about the Cicada bugs life cycle, Its crazy!
Also, Byzantines album “And they shall take up serpents” is one of my top 5 metal albums of all time, and SERIOUSLY worth checking out!
Have an amazing weekend all!
Currently having a super productive time in Spain. ☺ Been busy sketching out some stuff thats making me rush with excitement. Love working on personal art so much
A little throwback vid of me working on my ‘Esca’ piece last year. Lots more ‘Dark Nature’ pieces in the works for 2017.
This and loads of other signed art prints available now in my online store with FREE world wide shipping! ✔
Hola folks! Been a little bit off radar lately but for good arty reasons! I can finally reveal the artwork I did for the new Byzantine album ‘The Cicada Tree’. Here’s a WIP pic I took a few months back when I was slaving over endless leaves and details… Which will be covered by a logo! Always a pleasure working with the band and can’t wait for the album to drop.
A lil #WIP throwback for you, while I finish off a big current project
Hey Guys! My signed art prints are available again now! FREE Worldwide Shipping and every print is signed, packaged and sent by me personally.
I have 65 different 16.5 x 23.4 inch art prints to choose from. Treat your self, your walls or a loved one!
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Back out to Spain next month for some sunshine, art and massive video editing catch up! ✂ Lots of vids coming to my youtube channel very soon
Dying to post some of the new stuff I have been working on lately but not allowed to reveal anything just yet. Heres a throwback to the pencil and ink art for the Byzantine album “To Release is to Resolve”. I recently finished the album cover to their upcoming 2017 Release “The Cicada Tree” alas, that is top secret atm too. I’m currently deep in a officially licensed Predator design, (A...
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✨Happy weekend all✨ Here's a lil throwback to me working on my '9-Lives' Dark Nature piece New Stuff coming very very soon!! X
Under my umbrella ella ella eh eh eh…. ☂ Practically made myself blind working on this piece for a very awesome client. Just a sneaky peep here before full reveal. It’s been a while since I’ve worked on a minimal colour screen printed T-shirt design, but I had a very generous eight yes EIGHT!!!! colours to work with! Had a lot of fun on this one, thought it would be nice to have a little...
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Happy Friday the 13th everyone! Here’s one of my Jason Voorhees pieces for you. Have a great weekend ;) <3
✨Happy 2017 to all you lovely people out there!
I’m not really a new years resolutions type, but I love the idea of a new year being a fresh slate to focus on ambitions and goals. I’ve so much planned for 2017 and will be focussing a lot harder on personal work, especially my 'Dark Nature’ series. Art workshops, an art book, exhibitions, conventions, a music project and working very hard on...
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Wishing all of you an amazing Christmas from the studio! I’d like to take this moment to say a HUUUGGEEEE thank you to everyone of you that follows, shares, comments, likes, has purchased art prints and supports what I do in any way shape or form. 2016 has been a wonderful year for me and I owe some much thanks to you guys. Having a following gives massive motivation for me to keep you...
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