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Americans from around the country weigh in on the new President's self-mandated goal to 'Make America Great Again.'

When Exactly Was America Great?
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Organized by Alice Paul for the National American Woman Suffrage Association, the parade, calling for a constitutional amendment, featured 8,000 marchers, including nine bands, four mounted brigades, 20 floats, and an allegorical performance near the Treasury Building. (from 2013)

The 1913 Women's Suffrage Parade
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The average U.S. consumer is, at 23 pounds per year, eating more than the occasional cheese dip. (from 2013)

Now Is the Time of Cheese
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According to the Metropolitan Police Department, more than 100 protesters had been arrested in different skirmishes around the city, primarily downtown. (via CityLab)

Protesters Descend on D.C. for Day One of the Trump Era
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'Split' may be M. Night Shyamalan's best movie in years.

M. Night Shyamalan's 'Split' Finds the Director Returning to Form
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Fear and film go back to the beginnings of cinema. (from 2015)

The Evolution of Movie Monsters
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As the Obama era dimmed, progressive grassroots organizations like the Working Families Party,, and People's Action, began to assemble the framework for a Tea-Party-esque countermovement in communities nationwide. (via CityLab)

Reverse Engineering the Tea Party to Fight Trump
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This week's roundup of education stories features The New York Times's infographic on the top one percent at elite colleges, a look into Betsy DeVos's career as a lobbyist, and much more.

From DeVos to Debt: This Week's Top 7 Education Stories
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With its season-one finale, 'The Good Place' went from great to genius.

The Otherworldly Genius of 'The Good Place'
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"I was surrounded by Americans who wanted some part of their country back.”

'It's Trump Day' in Washington
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White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus also ordered a regulatory freeze

President Trump Issues Orders on Obamacare and Regulations
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"It doesn’t do us any good to aim for individual purity. When we start doing that, we become solipsistic, we become narcissistic, we become very focused on our own personal little thingy and that means that we don’t aim to make systemic, bigger changes."

The Folly of 'Purity Politics'
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Trump argues that America’s embrace of “globalism” has only stripped the country of its wealth, power, and ability to control its own affairs. As he once put it, the “nation-state remains the true foundation of peace and harmony.”

America's New President: Borders Are Back
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From American flags, pins, and Make America Great Again hats to shouts of “Not my President,” Atlantic photographer Emily Jan captures the scene down at the Mall.

Scenes from the National Mall
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Bands, performers, and speakers—including a delegation from Standing Rock—set up a stage on the south end of Franklin square, and several trash fires have been set along the streets that bound the park.

Inauguration Protests Continue Into the Night
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In the past, breeders could have crossed dairy cattle and hornless beef cattle to get hornless dairy cattle after many generations. Gene editing is much, much faster, but the end results are genetically almost the same.

The FDA Wants to Regulate Gene-Editing That Makes Cows Less Horny
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“I feel amazing. I feel like this is Christmas.”

'He's One of Us'
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Take a break from inauguration coverage to read about the experiences of Atlantic readers who've undergone the process to become naturalized U.S. citizens.

Your Stories of Becoming an American