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It is impossible to metabolize the love people may genuinely be offering if the person they’re offering it to is actually a façade. (from 2016)

What Does it Mean to 'Look Autistic?'
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'The cloud’ is in fact a very physical space. (from 2016)

What the Internet Actually Looks Like
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Bolivia's zebras create jobs and save lives.

Big in Bolivia: Zebras in the Streets
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The problem with understanding zebra camouflage is that we've always looked at zebras through the wrong eyes—ours. (from 2016)

To Lions, Zebras Are Mostly Gray
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Unless the United States first understands how the math of college financial aid went wrong, the country will never solve the riddle of fixing it. (from 2016)

Financial Aid Doesn't Understand the Modern Family
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"If the worst case proves to be true, America will have to live with the consequences, including the dark cloud of illegitimacy that would hang over all actions taken by an administration that won with the aid of foreign interference."

The 2016 Election Makes It Clear—It's Time to Rewrite the Rules of Presidential Succession
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Turning 70? You were born around the same time as English singer-songwriter Sir Elton John, shown here. Around your 18th birthday, the first manned mission in NASA's Gemini space program was launched. Share your Life Timeline or explore someone else's.

How Will History Remember Your Lifetime?
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“Uber is feeding the fire of its competitors, which are growing by the day, both big and small.”

Can Uber Survive Without Self-Driving Cars?
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The shift in cultural artifacts from the late 20th century to now illuminates America’s changing moral framework. (from 2016)

The Death of Moral Relativism
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Shot against the wild backdrop of the Yorkshire moors, it’s a strikingly different kind of costume drama.

PBS's 'To Walk Invisible' Finds Fire in the Lives of the Bronte Sisters
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At its heart, the KonMari method is a quest for purity. (from 2016)

Marie Kondo and the Privilege of Clutter
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As traditional charitable institutions decline this kind of communal engagement may expand.

Can Religious Charities Take the Place of the Welfare State?
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“People log in to Facebook every day, leave a lot of digital footprints, and don’t treat it as anything unusual.” (via Quartz)

A Stanford psychologist just disproved the oldest love advice in the book
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The American Dream lives and dies at the local level. (via CityLab)

The American Dream's Urban-Rural Divide
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"Cotton is a dirty crop, often tinged with human suffering." (via Fast Company)

Did People Suffer For Your Cotton Shirt? DNA Tagging Lets You Track Its Origins | Fast Company
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"While the lurid history of Neverland might put off potential buyers, the fact that Jackson lived here is still a lure to some." (via MTV News)

The Price Of Neverland
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“We have a spectrum, from a pure mathematician, all the way through to people who may be unemployed and just do it for fun.” (via Atlas Obscura)

Inside the Twisted World of Expert Knot Tying
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"We’re not just going to stand here and watch you build that building without a fight."

Using a Rat Balloon to Protest Labor Abuse
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There is evidence that winter creates a pent-up demand for nice days, so that when they finally arrive, at least at first, they make us feel measurably better. (from 2014)

How Spring Opens the Mind
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A bicycle crew confronts injustice and redefines identity.

Ovarian Psycos: The L.A. Bicycle Crew for Women of Color