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Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu had a mixed day with some former Australian Prime Ministers today, lauding a couple while calling out another pair.

Netanyahu praises Abbott and Howard
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The drug has been used in about 300 Australian suicides.

Euthanasia drug control call
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The Art Gallery of Western Australia is putting indigenous art permanently back on the gallery’s walls in response to demand by overseas visitors.

Indigenous art policy reversal
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Pumped hydro energy using seawater could be used to bolster South Australia’s struggling ­electricity network.

Seawater may rescue SA network
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An Australian model and his skateboarding friend have been hailed as heroes in New York after they risked their lives to save seven teenagers who fell through ice in Central Park.

Aussie model’s NY pond rescue
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Pregnant women have been warned that relying on smartphone apps to monitor unborn ­babies’ heartbeats is dangerous.

Mums-to-be warned of app dangers
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At best, political correctness is viewed as a kind of idiocy and avoidance of responsibility, writes Melanie Phillips. At worst it is seen as the unpleasantly assertive politics of identity and group rights.

PC kickstarted populism in West
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Distracted by their smartphones drivers are becoming more dangerous by the day.

Phone addicts lift insurance rates
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The Australian populist conservative class have fallen for one of the greatest hoaxes of the age, writes Paul Kelly. Donald Trump is not your saviour.

Trump stomps his feet of clay
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The Australian National Imams Council has called on imams to give sermons on the growing issue of radicalisation and to condemn the Islamic State terrorist group.

Imams told: tackle radical Islam
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Almost everybody living in the US illegally is now subject to deportation, and more undocumented arrivals at the southern border will be jailed or sent back to Mexico.

Illegal migrants face deportation
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Uber is investigating claims by a former employee that the company had ignored complaints of sexual harassment.

Uber to investigate sex claims
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West Australian premier Colin Barnett has urged Muslim voters to vote based on how welcome and supported they have been made to feel by his government.

Judge us yourselves, Muslims told
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South Australian Labor Premier Jay Weatherill has pulled a Trump and attacked the media for what he claimed are “constructed” stories.

Premier channels Trump on Coke
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George Christensen told ­colleagues that an intervention from God stopped him from resigning last week, but has told The Australian that he “did not mean it literally”.

George’s brush with hand of God
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Marine Le Pen has caused a row after refusing demands to meet the grand mufti of Lebanon with her head covered.

‘I won’t wear your headscarf’
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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu travels with 500 bodyguards who accompany him everywhere. Even to the bathroom.

Those your friends, Mr PM?
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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has challenged Bob Hawke and Kevin Rudd to define what they mean by Palestinian statehood, saying the likely outcome would be a “terrorist state”.

Netanyahu in historic visit
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Get ready to be mesmerised.

Footage courtesy of Lake Berryessa News.
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The leaders of some of Australia’s biggest Catholic orders, which have been found to contain disproportionately high numbers of child abusers, say their movements are dying.

‘Our order soon will be no more’