#MakeAbortionLegal: Join us for a Public Meeting to call for the legalisation of abortion in Queensland, removing it from the criminal code.
8pm - Thursday 23rd February
2 Fifth Ave, Maroochydore, Qld

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Qld Branch - monthly meeting

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Enough with the abortion fear campaigns.
"A fear campaign driven by convenient exaggerations doesn’t help anyone; the public, policy makers and women who are pregnant in fraught circumstances."

Stop the abortion fear campaigns. Tell the truth

How will our governments respond? Status quo? With more of the same? Options such as the Portugal Model of drug law reform must be considered.

More than 20 people overdose at Melbourne festival 'awash with drugs'

Hello Kate from Aspendale, a Medically Supervised Injecting Centre is best placed where people are already injecting and dying.

The good news is North Richmond residents and traders support a facility being located there.
It is estimated that between one-quarter and one-third of Australian women will have an abortion in their lifetime. While there has been law reform in the ACT, Victoria and Tasmania the process is far from straightforward, nor is it stigma free.

Archaic Laws Are Still Preventing Australian Women From The Right To An Abortion

Late last year a young man began receiving aggressive letters from a debt collection agency leading to panic and despair, and sadly suicide.

If you need help call Lifeline on 13 11 14

Centrelink’s debt collection ‘pushed him over the edge’

Residents and health professionals support a Medically Supervised Injecting Centre in North Richmond. Will Daniel Andrews listen?
Today I launched the Needle Nightmare campaign because a public health catastrophe is happening on Richmond streets.

• 60,000 used needles are plaguing residents;
• there are 6 heroin related callouts every day;
• ambulance callout costs are $2.3million; and
• 34 people die every year on the steps of businesses and in the toilets of family restaurants.

You can see the impact this...
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A Medically Supervised Injecting Centre will help keep needles off the streets and laneways in North Richmond
A Medically Supervised Injecting Centre in North Richmond will save lives and get needles off the street.
The Australian Christian Lobby opposes the removal of the 'gay panic' law arguing doing so would say 'it's okay to grope women'.

Rev. Fr. Paul Kelly, a Catholic Priest, calls their stance "shameful" and with law experts backing the change he has started this petition.

Sign and share.

Disturbing: this group fighting to KEEP “gay panic”

Cherie Short says her son, Aaron, 26, “would still be here today’’ if he had ­access to a medical injecting facility in 2015.

Mum’s plea for safe injecting room trial

A Medically Supervised Injecting Centre in North Richmond will help end the needle nightmare on the streets and in the laneways.
The independent MP leading a push to remove criminal sanctions for abortion in Queensland says he is concerned reforms will be defeated amid opposition from key former Labor colleagues.

Make your voices heard. Write to your MPs calling for the decriminalisation of abortion.

Queensland pro-choice MP fears abortion reform doomed

Alexandria Bay has hosted the Nude Olympics for 60 years but sadly it has been lost to Byron over fears of arrest for nudity. Sadly we predicted this would happen if clothing optional beaches weren't legalised in Queensland.

Noosa loses Nude Olympics to Byron

Twelve of the 13 contracts for Melbourne's bus network will be opened up to competition for the first time in generations, in an attempt to get more people using the city's lagging bus services.

The $600 million fix for Melbourne’s least popular public transport

Just some of the crowd at this evening's rally ????❤????❤ #qldpol #prochoice
We're having a meeting on the 1st of March. We would love it if you could join.

Victorian Members Meeting - March

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