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Turnbull says Hanson needs to rethink her pledge to ban the burqa

PM: ‘We don’t see a lot of burqas’

Reshuffle time, who would you sack?
The World's Greatest Treasurer Wayne Swan has been elected to chair a UN economics advisory body.

Wayne Swan aka Wayne Swan FI* to the staff of the Australian Treasury. This is not a joke.

And the very first thing he said in his opening remarks in the new role? Governments need to increase taxes to give themselves more money to work with.

Wayne Swan elected to chair UN economics advisory body.

Time to switch to Australian content. Here is a lovely picture of Lord Howe Island :) WOW!
Twelve of Britain's most dangerous jihadis will be put in isolation units at cost of £1million a year to taxpayer

12 of Britain's most dangerous jihadis to be put in isolation units

The head of Austria’s right leaning political party, the Freedom Party (FPO), is calling for a ban on political Islam. Heinz-Christian Strache says Austria needs an “effective law banning political Islam” and that the country should also stop accepting new migrants and refugees adding “Let us put an end to this policy of Islamization as soon as possible.”

Europe's Growing Revolt: Austria’s Politcal Right Party Chief Calls For Law Banning ‘Political Islam’

"The plan was to make it clear to the the Iranian government that providing rockets to its Shiite proxy insurgents inside Iraq was no longer going to be tolerated. Mattis suggested a nighttime strike against a power plant or oil refinery within Iranian territory.
The White House received the strike proposal and subsequently denied it. President Barack Obama was under the impression such a...
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Mattis Wanted To Strike Iran In Retaliation For Killing US Troops, Obama Denied Him

For all you snowflakes
Oppressed Whoopi makes 5 million a year with numerous awards under her belt

Whoopi Goldberg Says Right-Wingers Have Kept Her From Making a Living

True story