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Plot twist: only one will make it to supermarket shelves.

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"Just know that for whatever it is worth I was wrong. And I am sorry.”

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“They’re not really after me working there, they’re looking for something more. I think they’re just dirty big perverts.”

Why everyone is talking about the welfare mum-of-eight who is “too beautiful” to get a job
“He is my number-one motivation. I see how he looks at me and how he wants me to play with him.”

Woman falls from a nine-metre-high bridge, loses her leg to save son
Rescued elephants in northern India are now wearing stylish pyjamas knitted for them by compassionate villagers who didn't want them to be cold: [ Link ]
“This American carnage stops right here and stops right now.”

ICYMI: All the highlights from Donald Trump’s inauguration
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The books, which once took pride of place in the living room, are now causing problems for second-hand book dealers who can no longer shift them.

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