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Latest Extras - The Bachelorette
Behind the scenes: This season the “bromance” was undeniable, which made for some very interesting cocktail parties. #BacheloretteAU
What a spectacular ending to a love story that took our breath away, congratulations Georgia and Lee!
Here they are with a very special message for you! #BacheloretteAU
A message from Georgia Love:
It’s so hard to know what to say in this instance. What I’d originally thought I’d be posting today was a gushy message all about love, butterflies, fireworks and just how happy Lee makes me every day and how lucky I feel to have found the love of my life through this crazy experience. And while all of this couldn’t be more true, it’s not the most important thing...
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EXCLUSIVE: From dental disasters to dad jokes, these are the moments that didn't make it to TV. #BacheloretteAU

The Bachelorette Insider Guide Week 6
CATCH UP: In a breathtaking finale, Georgia picked the man of her dreams. Watch our finale episode now on tenplay.

The Bachelorette - S2 Ep. 12
It was the moment she had been waiting for: The moment Georgia Love got to tell the man of her dreams she loves him. #BacheloretteAU
Congratulations to Georgia and Lee. Their journey was anything but average and we have loved watching them fall head over heels for each other.❤ #BacheloretteAU
Lee waited for his perfect moment to tell Georgia how he feels. #BacheloretteAU
This feels like the beginning for Matty. #BacheloretteAU