Barack Obama won't be President after 1/20/17. We think we know what he's up to next. #TBT2017

Who Would Obama Pick For His #TBT2017 Squad? | The Basketball Tournament
The best team in the world? Until somebody beats Overseas Elite, who's to say they're not? [ Link ]

Who Can Beat Overseas Elite? | TBT 2017
Some play to win. Some play to compete. Hear from both on the latest #TBTPodcast with 2 time TBT Champ Kyle Fogg and GM/Center of the Kimchi Express, Daniel Chun.

Season 2 | Ep. 9: Kyle Fogg (Overseas Elite) and Daniel Chun (Kimchi Express)
TBTers are doing great things all over the planet. Catch up on what some of the best are up to from Turkey to Iceland to South Korea.

TBTers Around the World 12/16/16 | The Basketball Tournament
The days are pretty short in Sweden this time of year, but Mike Bruesewitz (Wisconsin Men's Basketball & TMD alum) is making the most of the daylight while he can. Check out what he's up to on the latest TBT Podcast.

TBT Podcast: Mike Bruesewitz & Eric Duick | The Basketball Tournament
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50% off Official TBT Jerseys | Through Thursday 12/15 | Supplies limited
China. France. Turkey. Italy. Spain. Name a country, there's a TBTer playing there. Here's an update on what some of the best are doing this week.

TBTers Around the World 12/6/16 | The Basketball Tournament
If you're looking at a new way to end a basketball game, you might as well follow the advice of a MENSA genius, right? Listen to the latest TBT Podcast now!

TBT Podcast Jon Mugar, Eric Devendorf | The Basketball Tournament
Seems like there's a million leagues and levels in international basketball. It can get confusing, but fear not. We got an expert to break it all down on the latest TBT Podcast. Check it out.

TBT Podcast | AUSTIN GREEN | Season 2 Episode 6 | The Basketball Tournament
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Official TBT Merchandise
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Official TBT Merchandise
Interviews, Trivia, and TBT player updates from around the world. The only thing missing is the gravy, which arrives on Thursday. #TBTPodcast Enjoy!

TBT Podcast Season 2 | Episode 5 | The Basketball Tournament
Did someone say over!? Voting isn't over until WE say it is!! (Well, maybe not, but voting in The Basketball Tournament isn't over yet. In fact, it doesn't even start until next spring.) #TBT2017

Polls Open April 1, 2017 | The Basketball Tournament
Kobe. KG. Ray Allen. Timmy. Lot of NBA retirements in 2016. Who would you take for a win or go home game in TBT 2017? Tell us in the comments and we'll read the best on our next TBT Podcast!
Part 2: "Letter to my future self: Why I should re-join KG and Paul Piece in #TBT2017"

Letter to My Younger Self | By Ray Allen
How do you say "milk" in Japanese? TBTer Justin Burrell knows (it sounds a lot like "moooo!")

TBT Podcast Season 2 | Episode 3 | The Basketball Tournament
Kansas State's all-time leading scorer and TBT 2016 (Purple & Black) alum Jacob Pullen dominated in Khimki Moscow's Eurocup victory over Alba Berlin.

Pullen Pulls Out an MVP Performance | The Basketball Tournament
s/o to #TBT2016 alum Scott Bamforth (of New Mexico RH), who scored 25 yesterday as Bilbao Basket defeated FC Barcelona Bàsquet in Spain' ACB. (pictured: rare photo of Bamforth driving instead of draining a 3).