Chef Jacqui Tyson takes over BDC Cooking Live this Sunday! You can't afford to miss an exclusive tutorial in making. The Best Dressed Chicken Couq Au Vin (Fancy Stewed Chicken). Here are your ingredients:
1 pack The Best Dressed Chicken Mixed Parts
1 pack Bacon
6 garlic cloves
1 cup red wine
1 cup tomato puree
2 cups heavy sauce

See you tomorrow at 1pm sharp!...
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Just when you thought you were settling into a routine for meals, The Best Dressed Chicken has debuted two delicious options: Wings and Tenders. Both come breaded and ready for quick preparation, either in the oven or on the stovetop." Read more in today's Jamaica Observer! >>> [ Link ] #DiFavourite
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Throwback to Cooking Live in @ChefAllip Kitchen last Sunday. Here we have Bread Salad, Roast Chicken with Cinnamon Cranberry Glaze, Best Dressed Breaded Parmesan Chicken Tenders with a Marinara Sauce and Cheesy Ranch Potato Bake. Join us on Sunday for another adventure in the kitchen with another talented chef. #BDCCookingLive #DiFavourite
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#FoodFunFact! Cordon Bleu: The term by itself relates to a special order of French knights. Presumably, by association, cordon bleu as it relates to recipes, also originated in France as dishes of distinguished classes.

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Essentials for your weekend beach lyme
#FoodNation! #DiFavourite is cooking again this weekend and this time we're taking it to Ally's Kitchen

Join us this Sunday as Chef Allison Porter-Smalling shows us how to kick it up a knotch for Sunday dinner. And hey, don't forget to tell a friend
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One of the best seasonings to boost your chicken flavour is Rosemary! #BDCTip
Forget the name: no frying is called for with this flavourful baked dish!

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Chicken is symbolic of love when words are inadequate. Happy Valentine's Day from The Best Dressed Chicken
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