This is what Sunday dinner should look like! #DiFavourite
If it's on the grill, you're in for a treat! #DiFavourite
Pick up a pack of The Best Dressed Chicken Nuggets and have them however you like them
What is your TGIF dance?
So much goodness! #Yum #TheBestDressedChicken #Drumsticks
No such thing as #TooMuchSauce!
The Everyone’s a Winner The Best Dressed Chicken Road Race Series team made a presentation to The Diabetes Association of Jamaica yesterday at the series launch.
Left to right; Lorraine Kemble – Brand Manager, The Best Dressed Chicken, Mr. Alfred Francis – Race Director, Running Events, Prof. The Hon. Errol Morrison – President, Diabetes Association of Jamaica and Ms. Lurline Less – Executive...
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Well, well, would you look at the time.
If you want a thicker crust, dip the chicken in a buttermilk or egg wash, then dip in seasoned flour coating and repeat! #CookingTip #YUM
Ready! Set! Go!
Diane Ellis from Running Events Ltd and Lorraine Kemble- Brand Manager, The Best Dressed Chicken look on as Professor, The Hon. Errol Morrison- President, The Diabetes Association of Jamaica, takes a bite from the healthy @bestdressedja meal prepared by Clive Levy from Sylvester's Catering. #EAWBDCRoadraceSeries
Grilled chicken wings in homemade Sriracha sauce! Recipe here>>> [ Link ]
Eating well has never looked so good
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How many wings do you count? #DiFavourite
They taste even better than they look! The Best Dressed Chicken Breaded Wings are available in supermarkets islandwide #DiFavourite
The splash of flavours you need for your Sunday dinner, right here>>> [ Link ] #DiFavourite!
Our day in a nugget!
Bowls are the new health craze all over the world! Ours is packed with nutritious veggies, grains and of course #DiFavourite ;)

Would you try it?
Our Spice-rubbed Chicken with Hoisin Sauce was featured in The Cayman Reporter's 'Farm-to-table Goodness' recipes! Try it yourself, full recipe here>>> [ Link ]
Bake them or grill them! This Honey-Lime Chicken with Pineapple Salsa is a wonderful dish if you're staying in and cooking for family and friends this weekend>>> [ Link ]
5 ingredients are all you need for this Lemon Breaded Chicken! #DiFavourite

Recipe here>>> [ Link ]