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Nominations Announced for the 31st Annual Imagen Awards
Runners and walkers laced up their shoes and hit the pavement along side former Biggest Loser contestants in Erie, PA for the first race of the season. Join the inspiration and find a Biggest Loser Race Series near you! #walkruninspire

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Jumoke Hill shares the ups and downs of life after being at The Biggest Loser Resort and how he is focusing on moving forward.
It's the last day at The Biggest Loser Resort for Jumoke Hill. Find out how much weight he lost during his stay.
Day 5 for Jumoke Hill at The Biggest Loser Resort means helpful pointers on nutrition.
Jumoke Hill dances day 4 away at The Biggest Loser Resort!
There are no quitters here. See how Jumoke Hill is feeling on day 3 at The Biggest Loser Resort.
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Follow along with Jumoke Hill as he begins his journey at The Biggest Loser Resort!
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