The Blackpool Tower
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We're always inspired by all the talented people in #Blackpool and the Fylde area. Local artist @AspieChronic on Twitter created these wonderfully stylistic pieces featuring The Blackpool Tower.

Check it out! [ Link ]

ArtisticAutistic on Twitter
The Blackpool Tower
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We're proudly hosting Blackpool Music Service's 14th Primary School Choir of the Year Competition this evening.

Doors open at 6pm. Come over and enjoy the cuteness and witness the talent.
The Blackpool Tower
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It's the Spring Equinox!

Today we have equal hours of night and day.
The Blackpool Tower
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Our beautiful Ballroom will be making an appearance on BBC Inside Out North West – Tonight, 20th March 7.30PM On BBC ONE. Make sure you're watching...
The Blackpool Tower
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Its #NationalProposalDay so we wanted to check in on Louise, who proposed to boyfriend Robert at the top of The Blackpool Tower on February 29th last year!
The Blackpool Tower
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Today is #WorldHappinessDay.

What memories of The Blackpool Tower make you happy? For us it's making our visitors happy. Stories and photos welcome!
The Blackpool Tower
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The Blackpool Tower Circus season for 2017 starts on April 1st!

This years show is Circus Spectacular - have you booked your tickets yet?

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The Blackpool Tower
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The Blackpool Tower has witnessed some inspirational events in its day. Here's Harry Johnson Holding the FA Cup after Blackpool's epic 4-3 win against Bolton Wanderers in the 1953 FA Cup Final #TowerMemories
The Blackpool Tower
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Combination tickets guarantee a fantastic Blackpool Day out at unbeatable value.

Choose 1, 2, or 3 of Blackpool’s favourite attractions to get 20% off the ticket prices, PLUS advanced queueing. You can get your combi tickets on the day at any of our attractions, or use our online ticket builder to book in advance.

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The Blackpool Tower
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Our young guests are in for a treat today at The Amazing Air Show! Mind-boggling demonstrations and wow-factor experiments are on the cards as our ‘air busters’ explore the different gasses that make up air for Science Week.
#DidYouKnow - Architect Frank Matcham, designer of the London Coliseum, London Palladium and Victoria Palace also designer our current Circus interior in 1900?
Our wonderful Gin Festival from last weekend, who came? :D
We have some inspiring events for local school kids this week for Science Week, including a visit from the BBC One Show's 'Science Bloke', Marty Jopson, this morning.
Our photo from inside The Blackpool Tower lift shaft made The Guardian's picture of the day! :D

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Best photos of the day: protests in South Korea and Crufts
It's #ScienceWeek and Matt Pritchard is firing things up at The Blackpool Tower this morning to demonstrate how magicians are really scientists after all in his Surprising Science show ⚗

Who's coming today?
Heads up! If you live in a PR or FY postcode you can get The Jungle Jim’s Annual Pass and discount card for JUST £6.50. This offer ends very soon at the end of the month!
Saturday the 25th of March we will be switching off the lights at The Blackpool Tower to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of #EarthHourUK.
Next week is Science Week! How about an educational and fulfilled week at The Blackpool Tower with our fun and wacky scientists? ⚗

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Need an outlet for your #FridayFeeling? Grab a friend and pop along to The Tower Ballroom for the fabulous Gin Festival from today!
The breathtaking Blackpool Tower Circus Collection is being preserved for Blackpool Museum. Would you like to help?

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Marvels And Mayhem At The Tower Circus Collection - altBlackpool