The reno madness never ends! Meet the teams on The Blocktagon, starting 4.30pm today on Three
Let the reno adventures continue!

The Blocktagon starts Monday, 4.30pm on Three (continues weekdays) ⚒
Congrats, Will and Karlie, winners of The Block Australia!
Just a couple of school teachers who don't know what they're doing? Maybe! Nice work, Ben and Andy!
It's the auction that almost gave us a heart attack! Nice work, Kim and Chris!
Nice work, Dan and Carleen!
We're crying too but nice work, Julia and Sasha!!
BOOM! Nice work, Karlie and Will!
The teams go under the hammer in the final ep tonight! Whose apartment will sell for the most?

The Block Australia auction tonight, 7.30 on Three
Here's a tongue twister:
What a way to start the open homes episode tonight!

The Block Australia | 7 O'Block on Three
That's it. Pack your belongings, we're moving in stat. ✨ #swoon

Don't miss the open homes tonight 7.30PM on Three
Couldn't be more proud of the teams this week! Here's a sneak peek of the final reveals!

The Block Australia | 7 O'Block on Three
We're sensing lots of tears over the last few nights.

The Block Australia | 7 O'Block on Three
Uh oh! Ben and Andy saw their Women's Day magazine cover...

The Block Australia | 7.30PM on Three
Sour grapes #budgetblowout

The Block Australia | tonight 7.30pm on Three
Things aren't going swimmingly around here.

The Block Australia | 7 O'Block on Three
✋ Stop what you're doing.....and head to Threenow to catch up on all the latest reveals #artdeco [ Link ]
Art deco inspiration from Julia & Sasha. Who's watching the ep right now?