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Today, only 13% of engineers in the U.S. are women. This International Women in Engineering Day, let's change that.
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06/22/2017 at 22:11. Facebook
Looking for a First Class experience in Business Class? Qatar Airways debuted their new Boeing 777-300ER outfitted with Qsuite at the Paris Air Show and plans to welcome passengers on board this weekend on their Doha-London Heathrow route. Watch the video for a sneak peek at a redefined flying experience.
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06/20/2017 at 13:40. Facebook
Get a behind the scenes look at the 737 MAX flying display that is happening right now at the Paris Air Show. Hear about the flight from Captain Ed Wilson, Chief Model Pilot on the 737 Program. #PAS17
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06/20/2017 at 07:41. Facebook
Boeing’s long-term airplane and services demand summarized in one minute. Single aisle market leads the way with biggest growth in Asia. #PAS17 [ Link ]
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06/19/2017 at 09:10. Facebook
Introducing the 737 MAX 10, just announced at the Paris Air Show! #PAS17 #ThinkMAX
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06/19/2017 at 09:04. Facebook
Introducing the newest Boeing 737 MAX! The 737 MAX 10 will have the lowest seat-mile cost of any single-aisle airplane ever produced. The entire 737 MAX family has been designed to offer customers exceptional performance, flexibility and efficiency, with lower per-seat costs and an extended range that will open up new destinations in the single-aisle market. The MAX 10 will be introduced in...
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Watch the Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner and 737 MAX 9 soar together as they show off their advanced designs, superior performance and sheer beauty. Join us and witness #PAS17 like you’re there through our Paris Air Show web page: and across all Boeing social channels.

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The Paris Air Show starts next week. Join us and witness it like you’re there through our live coverage on Facebook and across Boeing social channels.
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Interested in an all-access tour behind the normally closed doors of the Renton factory? Visit [ Link ] to see where we build the 737, the world’s best-selling commercial airplane. Come along for an interactive tour as we share our story in new ways meant to immerse you in 360-degree interactives, high-quality video, and examples of innovations and improvements that were developed at...
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Check out our collaboration with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency - DARPA on the #PhantomExpress Spaceplane. Together, we plan to transform the future of small satellite deployments through rapid, aircraft-like access to space. Learn more: [ Link ]
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The 747, 767, KC-46, 777, 787, and soon to be 777X: all built at one very special place. This week, we're celebrating 50 years at the site. Everett, Washington, here's to you.

[ Link ]
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Attention Space Fans! NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration is hosting a live, virtual behind-the-scenes tour at 10 of its locations. Don't miss this insider's look at NASA's Space Launch System, the International Space Station, the Starliner crew trainer, and more on May 23. #StateOfNASA
Attention Space Fans NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration is hosting a

Go Behind-the-Scenes & Virtually Tour NASA

First in the family is here! The 737 MAX is ready for service, on schedule and on budget. The 737 MAX family of airplanes offers airlines more of what they need – efficient growth opportunities through additional seats and range. The new single-aisle airplane will deliver 20 percent lower fuel use than the aircraft it replaces. More at: [ Link ] #ThinkMAX #737MAX
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Today we delivered the first 737 MAX airplane to Malindo Air in their beautiful new Batik Air Malaysia livery.

Your chance to fly on a MAX is coming soon with many airlines and to many regions around the world. The 737 MAX is more environmentally progressive, flies to more distant destinations, and is more comfortable and connected. See more photos and video on our website: [ Link ]....
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Today we delivered the first 737 MAX airplane to Malindo Air in
Marrisa Christina
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Make me in St. Louis!

Boeing T-X to undergo final assembly in St. Louis if Boeing is awarded the United States Air Force contract. The program will support 1,800 direct and indirect jobs throughout the St. Louis region. Learn more: [ Link ]
Make me in St Louis Boeing TX to undergo final assembly in
Dana Podgajny
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To design the aircraft of the future, Boeing’s Blended Wing Body took a swim to test airflow for the new cargo door. Learn more: [ Link ]
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Defending galaxies near and far, far away. #MayThe4thBeWithYou
Defending galaxies near and far far away MayThe4thBeWithYou
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Boeing T-X has a wingman! 2 T-X jets out for flight. Repeatable. Flexible. Designed for the U. S. Air Force training mission!
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Mozart Artur
Second jet, first flight!

Second Boeing T-X soars through the sunny skies over St. Louis for historic first flight!

During the one-hour flight, lead T-X Test Pilot Steve Schmidt and Boeing Test Pilot for Air Force Programs Matt Giese validated key aspects of the aircraft and further demonstrated the low-risk and performance of the design.

Both Boeing test pilots trained for the flight...
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Ghrieb Abdelghani
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