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The confirmation hearing for Trump’s pick to run the Environmental Protection Agency, Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt, is underway. As a state attorney general, Pruitt specialized in launching litigation against the agency.

How can Scott Pruitt go from suing the EPA to leading it?

Recommendations that Tom Price—Trump's nominee for Health and Human Services Secretary—will want to keep in mind during today's confirmation hearing:

Drs. Carson and Price: Working together, you can narrow stubborn race gaps in health and housing

Trump said last week that America’s One China policy is “under negotiation.” Why his approach is misguided:

3 ways Trump's China approach gets it wrong

Almost 6 years after the raid that killed Osama bin Laden, Pakistan’s enduring al-Qaida infrastructure (reduced but not destroyed) will be a major test for Trump.

How Pakistan may test the Trump administration

Trump pledged over the weekend to replace Obamacare with a plan that will cover more Americans for less money. Henry Aaron explains why it simply can’t be done.

Why Republicans can’t–and won’t–repeal Obamacare

“In the era of Trump, do we really want to get rid of the people who are willing to speak the truth?”

6 thoughts in defense of FBI Director Comey

Ben Bernanke explains the Fed's cautious response to a possible fiscal shift under President Trump:

Donald Trump's win sparked a big response from markets, but not the Fed

Over the weekend, Trump described NATO as "obsolete." While he has a point that U.S. allies could do more, experts say he is wrong to view them as a drain on the country:

Why Donald Trump is wrong about NATO

Five questions for Betsy DeVos ahead of her confirmation hearing today:

Confirming Team Trump: Policy questions for Betsy DeVos

"Vladimir Putin is a fighter and he is a survivalist. He won’t give up, and he will fight dirty if that’s what it takes to win."

What makes Putin tick, and what the West should do

As the African proverb goes, “thunder is not yet rain.” Learn how the Brookings Africa Growth Initiative helps to identify, examine, and recommend policies that spur and sustain progress on the continent: [ Brook.gs Link ]
Americans are much more concerned about the test score differences that exist between wealthy and poor students than between white and minority students:

What Americans think about rich-poor and black-white education gaps

5 sobering facts about black American opportunity that #MLK would be disappointed to see if he were alive today:

5 bleak facts about black opportunity in America

What might Martin Luther King, Jr. say about today's black America, had he lived to see his 88th birthday? Henry Louis Gates reflected at Brookings in November: [ Brook.gs Link ]
Barack Obama picked Joe Biden to be his vice president not because he wanted to balance the ticket, but because he wanted a partner in the White House.

The relationship that rules the world: Modern presidents and their vice presidents

On #MLKDay, we celebrate the legacy of Dr. King while reflecting on the work that remains to achieve his vision of racial equality in America. In a new video, Richard Reeves and Dayna Matthew list 10 racial inequities that black Americans still face and that policymakers should keep in mind:
The sovereignty of Central European nations is a major sticking point between Russia and the U.S. Michael O'Hanlon outlines how the U.S. can protect the safety of these countries without bringing them into NATO:

Addressing the real source of the U.S.-Russia rivalry

Robots are not stealing manufacturing jobs, the manufacturing sector is producing more than ever, and millions of manufacturing jobs aren't going to return to the U.S.

9 things to know about US manufacturing jobs

Congress has not yet adequately addressed the U.S. opioid epidemic's harmful effects on infants and children, including a record rise in the number of drug-addicted babies and children in foster care.

Child victims of the opioid crisis deserve bipartisan support

Can people around the world get where they want to go in a reasonable amount of time, at a reasonable cost? Explore this new interactive to find out how Moving to Access is addressing just that:

Interactive: Moving to Access