"As the Trump administration develops its nascent worldview and foreign policies, it should not ignore these powerful political dynamics brewing within autocratic states."

The rise of personalist rule

The public interest standard has governed broadcast radio and TV since Congress passed the Radio Act of 1927. But a lack of clarity still exists today:

90 years later, the broadcast public interest standard remains ill-defined

Syria's mounting instability has had drastic consequences for family structures.

The impact of war on Syria’s families

If allies give up on the United States and the liberal international order, they would be advancing Trump’s ultimate goal of a 19th century world:

Trump takes allies back to 19th century global order

New Census data make it clear just how sharply divided the nation is politically, demographically, and geographically—more so now than at any other time in recent history.

A substantial majority of Americans live outside Trump counties, census shows

How the Trump administration may deal with Pakistan, what's happening in Congress, and more—all in the latest episode of the Brookings Cafeteria Podcast. Listen now or download via iTunes:

Brookings Cafeteria Podcast: The Pakistan challenge

Following this week's debate, get to know the top contenders in France's presidential election:

A brief guide to the French presidential election

The changes to essential benefits in the GOP health bill could gut protections against catastrophic costs—even for people with job-based coverage.

What you need to know about the latest changes to the GOP health care bill

Immigration of young Mexican workers to the U.S. will be practically zero by 2050, even without new policies to deter immigration, like a border wall.

Why undocumented immigration from Latin America to the US will slow to a crawl

What does it mean to steal water? Vanda Felbab-Brown helps us close out #WaterWeek with a new report on the controversial issue of water theft and water smuggling. Read about it here: [ Brook.gs Link ]
Following Trump's meeting with truck drivers today, learn why many jobs aren't likely to disappear anytime soon from the trucking industry:

Automated trucking’s rapid rise overlooks the need for skilled labor

Before the Sweet 16 hit the court, listen to our latest podcast episode on where the NCAA went wrong, and how to fix it:

What went wrong with college sports

A chart worth sharing. New research being presented at Brookings this week reveals that working class white Americans are now dying in middle age at faster rates than minority groups. Find out what's causing this here: [ Brook.gs Link ]
What Park Geun-hye’s ouster means for South Korea’s future:

Park leaves behind a divided South Korea

Did Devin Nunes publicly disclose classified information today?

What The Heck Is Devin Nunes Talking About? A Guide for the Perplexed

"It's something that Iraqis have learned through hard experience. If you don't get to the United States early and help us to think about our Iraq policy, we'll come up with it on our own—and that can be very problematic for Iraq and its prime minister."

5 on 45: On Iraqi Prime Minister al-Abadi’s visit

The water crisis in Flint highlighted broader infrastructure concerns for aging cities across the U.S. #WorldWaterDay

Learning from Flint